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Medical Treatments in India

The quality of healthcare in India may not be the best as compared to the developed countries but this sector is getting better and advanced with every passing year. This is evident from the increase in the rate of medical tourism to India. The growing compliance of medical treatments with the western world and trained doctors from foreign countries are attracting people for medical treatment in India. The cost is also said to be only one-tenth as compared to treatment in the US and England.

 According to statistics, 10% of the world’s population is affected by kidney diseases thus, the best kidney transplant centres in India are required to improve this condition. In the case of kidney failure, the patient is put on dialysis that has side effects and affects the patient psychologically as well. In the case of kidney disease, the whole family gets affected and the focus shifts from the sufferings of the patient to the huge cost involved.

 At Just HealthX, the main focus is to get the best possible kidney transplants at affordable prices. They offer the best hospitals having equipment that matches international quality standards. The main focus is to relieve the patient and the family from stress and ensure that they get the best medical experience from the best. As it is ensured that the patient comes in contact with the best kidney transplant surgeon in India.

Kidney failure occurs when the filtering capacity of our kidneys fail and waste gets accumulated in our system. This may cause end-stage kidney disease. Some of the common causes of such failure are:

·         Diabetes
·         Uncontrolled high blood pressure
·         Chronic glomerulonephritis
·         Polycystic kidney disease

A kidney patient generally prefers getting a transplant over being on dialysis for a lifetime, even though there are some risk factors involved. A patient kept on dialysis has to keep many restrictions in mind like dietary constraints so he prefers to take a little risk involved and live a better-quality life. The overall expenditure also comes out to be less as compared to lifetime costs of dialysis which is one of the greatest advantages.

In some cases, patients are advised to go for dialysis instead of transplant as it may prove more beneficial. Old age, drug abuse, or some other severe disease are some of the conditions under which transplant is not advisable to the patient.

The kidney to be used in a transplant can be from a living or deceased donor. The concerned specialists are then contacted to check whether the transplant can be done or not based on certain tests like blood typing, tissue typing, and cross match. 

The age of the donor, size of the organ, and infection exposure are some of the additional factors considered by doctors during a transplant. If the surgery is conducted by a good institute then the success rate is always high and the procedure is generally hassle-free. Keeping all the precautions in mind, proper rest, and care after the surgery is the most vital of all the things.

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