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Introducing, A Simple Video Phone For Your Elderly Loved One

Getting in touch with your elderly loved one who is far away from you is essential. Not knowing if they are safe or well will continuously haunt you. Whether they are living on their own or in a senior home, you should know more about what’s happening to them and how their day is. And the only way to do that is to talk to them personally.

However, most smartphones these days are complicated to use. And most smartphones are not senior-friendly. That is why you must know what type of simple video phone for elderly despite their poor eyesight and hearing, and even with their shaky hands.

Introducing, Konnekt Videophone

The Konnekt Videophone is considered to be the most straightforward phone for elderly users. They are specifically designed for those with disabilities or hearing loss. The Konnekt videophone is the very first device that can help boost their cognitive ability. That is why it is beneficial for those with memory loss or dementia. It can also help lower depression risks as they can get in touch with their loved ones anytime they want.

Amazing Features of Konnekt Videophone

Konnekt Videophone is the most ideal for elderly users. It is specially designed for easy use. So if you are interested in getting one for your loved one, here are the fantastic features of the videophone that can help you decide:

       Auto Answer. Whether the user has dementia or disability or during an emergency, there will be instances where your loved one won’t be able to answer your call immediately. And if you want to check on them, the auto-answer feature will let you get through them even if they don’t press the answer button. The Konnekt Videophone has a two-way video and sound feature that will allow you to check on your loved one if they are asleep or unable to answer.

       Huge Buttons With Loud Audio. With how modern smartphones are designed. Their buttons are too small, and the audio is not that loud for the elderly users. And with all the complicated features, learning how to use a smartphone is not something that the elderly would be interested in doing. With the Konnekt videophone, it is designed with large buttons and extra loud audio. This way, your loved one can quickly answer your call or dial your number and hear the device when it rings.

       No Need to be ‘Techy.’ A lot of people who are not techy are not comfortable using modern devices. They are complicated and need a lot of patience to learn. And these are not ideal for your elderly parents or grandparents. But with the Konnekt videophone, it has straightforward options and icons for ease-of-use. There is also a personalized contact, large buttons, and text sizes. It also comes in different colors, depending on what you prefer.

If you think that the Konnekt videophone is the one that you need for your loved one, visit the company website to know more about the device. There is no doubt that this can significantly help ease your worry because you can quickly get in touch with your parents or grandparents even if you are far away from each other.

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