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How To Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency From Your Bike

A two-wheeler is the most convenient mode of transportation for most Indians. Many people buy a bike, thinking it is a cost-effective investment, but it may not be returning the expected mileage. So, what do you do then?
Well, know that the mileage of the bike is dependent on multiple factors. Some of these include the surface condition of the bike, traffic, and more importantly, you (the rider). Although you may not be able to control all the factors, the one thing that is indeed in your control is how you ride your bike.
Here are five tips that will help you maximize the fuel efficiency of your two-wheeler.
1.      Ride a bike at a steady speed
Practice riding the two-wheeler at a steady and controlled pace. This will ensure that the bike offers high mileage. When you ride abruptly with constant change in speed, it utilizes the braking system equally. It further contributes to poor mileage. Hence, maintaining riding speed (usually 40-50 kph) with minimal use of brake will offer relatively high mileage.
2.                  Switch off the engine when idle
If you are waiting for someone or at the signal for a long time on your bike, consider switching the bike engine off. We know that the bike consumes less fuel when standing idle compared to starting the bike engine constantly. However, this is effective when your bike is at a standstill for less than a minute. In case of a longer duration, turning off the engine will save fuel and provide high mileage as well.
3.                  Maintain the recommended air pressure in the wheels
Make sure that you get the tyre air pressure checked every month and maintain it on the recommended levels. It will ensure that you obtain the best fuel economy. In case the tyre pressure is low, it will gradually decrease the mileage due to the increase in rolling resistance. Maintaining the tyre air pressure to recommended levels, will increase the mileage and result in reduced contact patch and decrease traction.
4.                  Shift to the highest gear
When you ride your bike, make sure that you shift to the highest gear as soon as possible. It will result in reduced engine speed while maintaining road speed. This will further result in mileage improvement of your motorcycle.
5.                  Use quality fuel
It is needless to say that you have to use quality fuel in your bike. Ensure that the petrol pump from where you regularly fill fuel provides good quality petrol/diesel. A good quality fuel will increase the fuel economy and keep the bike in good condition in the long run.
To Sum It Up!
While you make your bike fuel-efficient, also ensure that it is well protected with adequate insurance coverage. There are multiple bike insurance plans available in the market offering optimum coverage. Compare these plans online based on the premiums charged, coverage provided, exclusion, and more. This will help you choose the best plan for your motorcycle.
Also, determine the correct Insured Declared Value (IDV) for the bike when buying bike insurance. Read more about what is IDV as it comes in handy when making claims on your insurance plan.

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