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How effective are reader glasses with blue light blocking lenses?

Reader glasses are the glasses that are able to correct the close by a vision disorder.  That is, reading glasses are used by those who are unable to view clearly at close by distance or the objects that are kept at a closer distance appear blurry. Reading glasses have the power strength in the lenses that corrects the refractive disorder of the eyes.

Reading glasses are prescription glasses that are used around the world by people who are suffering from farsightedness and presbyopia. Farsightedness is a disorder of eyes where the user is able to view distant objects clearly and the objects nearby appear hazy, double and unclear. Therefore, the person is unable to read or do needle-work. This is because the light rays do not form the image at the retina. On the other hand, presbyopia is an eye condition that occurs due to old age, generally during the 40s. Reason for this is the weakness of the eye’s natural lens, due to old age as well as losing flexibility.  In both these conditions of the eyes, the solution is to wear reading glasses that correct both these vision disorders.

What kind of lens is inserted in the Reading glasses?

The lenses carried by the reading glasses consist of convex lenses that are thicker from the center and thinner from the edges or the corners.  In the condition of farsightedness or presbyopia, the image of the object is formed beyond the retina of the eyes. Therefore, when the light rays pass through the convex lenses, they are bent at the perfect angles and the image is formed accurately on the retina. Hence, the user is able to see the objects clearly that are placed nearby.

It is recommended to buy reader glasses that have blue light glasses in them. This is because the blue light lenses in the eyeglasses are able to block the harmful blue light that is emitted from digital devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops etc.  These blue light blocker glasses are very effective, especially for those who work on computer and laptop for a longer duration of time daily at the workplace or home.

The blue light glasses are also called the computer glasses as they are widely used by people working on the computer to safeguard their eyes from the harmful blue light rays of the computer, laptop, iPad, tablet and other screened devices.

However, when you buy reading glasses with blue light glasses it is recommended that the prescription glasses should be able to block the blue light effectively and at the same time provide enhanced visual clarity. Eyeglasses manufacturers like Specscart are able to block 99.99% of the blue light emitted from the sources. These blue light glasses are highly effective as they are able to block the unwanted glares as well that are formed due to the presence of light.

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