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Difference between parenting and digital parenting

Parenting is the mother of all moral activities. All parents loved to do parenting and look after their children until unless become an adult to make decisions by using their piece of wisdom. On the other hand, parenting techniques changes time to time and today we have come across with new a term that is known as digital parenting.  A couple of decades ago, the term digital parenting were unheard. Therefore, the time has already come up that parents should perform real-life parenting as well as digital parenting. Let’s get to know about parenting in particular.

What is parenting?

Parenting or rearing a child is a complete process that includes the promoting, physical support, emotional wellbeing, social growth and the cognitive development of a child from the time of infancy to the time of adulthood is known is parenting. In short, parenting refers to the stages of a child’s raising and it consists of infancy, toddler, tweens, and teenage of a child. Apart from the basic definition of parenting, there are multiple kinds of parenting that we are going to discuss below.

1. Authoritarian Parenting style

It is a parenting style that is based on very high demands but lacks responsiveness. Therefore, those parents who do believe in this particular style of parenting their expectations from their children are very high, but at the same time, they don’t deliver feedback and nurturance. So, when children do mistakes they have to bear the harshness and penalties.

2. Authoritative Parenting style

In an authoritative parenting style, parents are too much demanded and they also believe in too much response at the same time. Parents who used to of authoritative parenting usually are so much responsive to their children for their emotional piece of needs in particular. However, the sanctions limit children's activities and seriously make kids follow the rules and regulations strictly.

3. Permissive parenting styles

Parents who do believe in a permissive style of parenting have very low demands from their children but at the same time have very high responsiveness. Seemingly they are kind of parents who love children but also make their children follow the instructions and guidelines. Permissive parents don’t want from child to behave mature and want their children to be friends with them.

4. Uninvolved Parenting

Parents with uninvolved parenting styles are very lenient and want kids to make their decisions in accordance with their will. They allow their kids and teens to learn the hardships of life and they always remain ignorant of the kids’ activities because they do believe in their kids' abilities because they know about their children that they can deal with challenges concerning the situations.

What is digital parenting?

When parents have to become tech-savvy to know what kids and teens are doing online on their internet-connected digital mobile phones, tablets, pads and computer devices. However, tracking and monitoring all of the children's online activities to make sure their online safety and guide them about the netiquette of the cyber world is called digital parenting.

 Parents monitor the cell phone devices of teens to know what sort of social messaging apps and instant messengers. Besides, tracking social media activities they also want to know about the reason behind making long cell phone calls, text messages shared media files on social websites and to whom teens and kids used to talk all the time.

In short, parents when taking care of kids' safety in the digital world to prevent them from bad online activities, make sure teens protection against the predators online by sneakily using technology is called digital parenting. However, parents are desperately using cell phone parental control software on kids' and teens' devices to keep a hidden eye on their kid's and teens' online activities. Since the technology has become advances such as cell phone and internet access in particular digital parenting has become so much demanded.

They are used to monitoring all trendy social media activities of children to get the logs of the activities such as messages, chats, audio and video conversations and the nature of shared media. Besides, online parenting consists of tracking live call recording, email monitoring, screen recording and others alike.


Real –life parenting and digital parenting both are very important for the development of your children. Therefore, no matter how better you are being parents, digital parenting has immense necessity for the modern generation those have opened their eyes in the presence of the contemporary technological creatures.

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