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Buying A Rowing Machine: Things You Should Consider

Rowing machines are becoming a popular fitness trend because of their many benefits. You can burn up to 1,200 calories for every hour of using the rowing machine. If you are looking for a great cardio workout, the rowing machine is for you. It involves push-and-pull movements that target several parts of your body. That includes the calves, thighs, arms, shoulder, and back. Buying a rowing machine can be a great decision or a complete waste of money. It all depends on what you end up buying and how often you will use it. You have to use it at least four times a week if you want to get fit and into shape. Ask yourself the following questions before you buy a rowing machine:

       Do you like rowing action?
       How much can you afford to spend?
       Do you have enough storage space?
       How often will you use it?

Once you have come to a final decision and want to buy a rowing machine, consider the several things below.


Understanding the various types of rowing machines will let you make the best decision.


- uses air to create resistance
- have a damping setting to control the volume of air


- compressed air or fluid creates tension or resistance
- compact and affordable

Water rower

- uses water to create resistance
- can be challenging to use
- provides a more natural rowing workout

Magnetic resistance indoor rower

- creates resistance using a magnetic force
- almost silent; does not produce much friction

No matter what type you decide to use, you can have a great full body and cardiovascular workout. The choice mostly depends on your personal needs and preference.


You have to take into consideration the amount of available storage space you have. If you have minimal space, you can opt for foldable types. You can also choose hydraulic ones; these are the smallest types.

Ease of assembly

You will only assemble the rowing machine once, so you must assemble it correctly. Some can be difficult to piece together. Make sure you choose one that is easy to assemble. You can check out the instruction manual and see if you are capable of doing it.


Check the rower, seat, and sliding track. Look for a machine with rowers made of heavy-duty material with a firm grip. The material used, size of the seat, and length of track should ensure comfort. It is also best to choose a machine that has adjustable and robust footpads.


Prices have various ranges. The price depends on the type, materials, features, and the shop where you buy it. Make sure you get an affordable rowing machine with good quality.


Look for a rowing machine with a good warranty that includes the frame and individual parts. Most manufacturers offer at least two years warranty. Confirm what the warranty covers before you make a decision.

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