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8 Free Products Web Hosting Companies Should Use

This article explains an amalgam of free products web hosting companies of all sizes should use. These tools are generally cross platform (support more than one operating system), which can be very useful to first-level support personnel, network administrator, and system administrator. While you can download these tools immediately without any payment of any kind, some are not open source, and you’re maybe prohibited from making changes to the code.


It offers a suite of useful Windows tools, which are often invoked from the command line. For decades, they are considered essential by IT professionals in a Windows-rich environment. PSTools offers automated tools that have no real rival. You may never find a better Windows toolkit anywhere, as Microsoft gives this to users for free.


It is a useful but somewhat obscure tool. Just like other Microsoft’s free tools, SharEnum offers essential features, such as showing all files shared in a web host’s data center. It can also show you associated security information. Despite being very small, it is among the most useful and most valuable free security tools web hosts can get.


It is an accessible monitoring suite for businesses youtube2mp3, including web hosts. It is commercially supported, mature, and, best of all, free. It was first started as a small niche project and has now become a dominant force in the network industry. It is currently used by many major Best IT Companies such as Wells Fargo, Ericsson, Domino’s Pizza, and even US Army. 


Wireshark is a must-have tool for any company, regardless of the topology used and the size. It is essentially an analysis tool and network packet capture, which can help web host administrators in their ongoing quest for achieving a reliable network. Wireshark won’t directly prevent network issues; however, by allowing them to analyze the new problems in real-time, administrators can quickly avoid failures. 


Apache is more than just a web server; the ASF (Apache Software Foundation) consists of nearly a hundred projects under its umbrella. Of course, Apache web server is always the project’s mainstay and namesake, but when you visit its official website, you’ll find that its web server package isn’t the only fish in the ocean. 

IP Plan

Although it is a little-known tool, the IP Plan has plenty of potentials in any environment. It is a web-based, IP tracking tool, but not a DNS service. The reasoning behind it is that DNS can track systems that are in use. However, it can’t fully resolve specific issues such as dealing with IP address conflict and determining free IP address in a network. IP Plan can do these tasks effectively, and it is open to installing. 

KVM (Kermel Virtual Machine)

It is now supported and owned by Red Hat. KVM is a full virtualization solution, and it means the hardware abstraction method used allows users to run almost any operating system inside a virtual machine. Like physical systems, each virtual machine has its BIOS, disk drive, display, and network showtime anytime activate. Installing an operating system into a virtual machine is similar to the way we do it in a natural order. 


For the uninitiated, Webmin is the ultimate tool for a lazy system administrator. It uses a web-based user interface to manage Linux or UNIX servers. It also covers nearly all configurable aspects of the server. Although you can’t rely entirely on it to perform system administration tasks, it will significantly ease and simplify your life.

About: Raja is a web hosting industry watcher and regularly writes on VPS Hosting Reviews and Reseller Hosting Reviews at WebHostingReview.info

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