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What the beginner must know about the A1 English Test?

Under the new rule from October 2016, the UK must allow people to apply for non-resident EEA partners to participate in the A1 test. This is a basis for measuring the English that candidates can use to conduct basic conversations.

The A1 English Test is a basic level test that tests candidates for their English qualification. This test is offered to candidates who are leaving the UK to extend or further their stay in the UK known as spousal visas. This test can also be obtained by parents of EEA citizens. The outcome is measured by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language based on candidate performance.

Where to register?

Find the right website to register your center for the A1 English test and pay the booking fee. Follow the steps required to complete the registration. Candidates can also choose the place and date of their choice. Booking Fee 200.00 GBP. You can view the available dates and choose accordingly.

What exactly is CEFR?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) consists of a set of tests ranging from beginner to different levels. They divide the qualifications into basic, independent, and effective. Candidates can start from basic A1 and A1 English Exam and Advance.

How to prepare?

Candidates can take various online exams available as PTE General Level Examination or KET which will improve their accuracy in practice. Testing assesses candidates' speaking and listening skills. To prepare for listening skills, they can try to find online sources, which can provide audio equipment to listen and answer certain questions. Practicing helps the candidate submit the exam. The understanding of the word and its proper use in sentences is assessed. For a clear pronunciation of words, they can refer to a dictionary and repeat it until they are fully accomplished.

Test Evaluation:

The test is commonly known as CEFR A1. Candidates must also pass SELT, which means a secure English language test. This is a UKVI approved test for all citizens who come to the UK and depend on their children or spouse to be permanent residents for a visa.

The duration of the test is 7 minutes and candidates are evaluated according to their speaking and listening skills. Candidates can practice for such exams in the above manner. The results will be announced temporarily in a single day. Assessment depends on the candidate's speaking and listening skills. A certificate of his expertise will be issued to him within 7 days. Interested candidates can apply for the exam and take advantage of the visa extension.

Where to get help?

You can refer sites that provide free materials for listening, speaking, and writing skills. These sites will also provide some additional information that can be crucial for your examination. There are also key points of evaluation that you may not be aware of such as the pronunciation of each word and grammatically correct sentences however short it may be. There are many other points too that you may have to concentrate on.

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