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How to Transfer Files Between the Android Phone and Desktop Wirelessly

Transferring files between two desktops or android phone can be done in a variety of ways. The most popular one was Bluetooth that eliminated the need of wires for making transfer of data possible. But the advancement was needed to combat the speed problem that came along with the use of Bluetooth. The new ‘in’ for the transferring of data is Xender. It is a cross-platform utility that allows the transfer of files of any format, size or feature between the two devices such as phone and laptop, between laptops or between the laptop and a phone.

Xender download for PC is a Wi-Fi enabled facility. It delivers the downloading speed about 50 times faster than what is observed while using Bluetooth. Xender uses the technology called Wi-Fi Direct. This technology connects the Wi-Fi card of the device like phone to other devices. Due to this facility, the data usage is reduced to bare minimum and the transfer also takes with no interference making the download and transfers a matter of few minutes.

Steps for transferring data using Xender

Using Xender is quite an easy affair. It involves the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Install the Xender app on your mobile phone using Google Playstore.
  2. Touch the Xender icon on installation to launch it.
  3. Once launched, there is a list of applications or files ready to be exchanged.
  4. The user clicks on the red rectangle icon to initiate exchange.
  5. The option of send or receive is provided.
  6. When you click on ‘send’, a hotspot is created showing connection to nearby devices having Xender.
  7. In case of clicking ‘receive’, prompt for putting on GPS appears. When you put the GPS of the device on, it searches the other device nearby. And on finding, connects the devices instantly.
There are options provided – applications or Friends Apps, Camera, Gallery, Music, Audio, Video and like-wise. The files corresponding to these modes are exchanged if both the devices are installed with Xender.

These steps are valid when the transfer is to be done between two mobile phones.

Steps for transferring data to desktop from phone using Xender

For transferring data from the mobile phone to PC, you can perform following steps:

  1. Launch Xender app.
  2. Once you reach Send/Receive screen, you will find an option PC/Mac amongst other options under the action ‘transfer from/to’
  3. After this, the app asks to pick the choice between selecting Wi-Fi settings or creating a hotspot. (Please note: Wi-Fi settings will be applicable when the PC and mobile phone are using same network. For the device pair operating in different networks, ‘Create a hotspot’ will be applicable.)
  4. When the devices are in different networks, the hotspot is to be created in the mobile phone. It involves steps, such as:
  • Click on create Hotspot
  • Connect PC Wi-fi to hotspot named as Xender_AP
  • Once done, open the browser in PC
  • In the mobile phone, accept the connection to this IP address

This is how the connection between the mobile phone and PC/Mac can be established wirelessly for transferring the data. The process of transferring files this way is faster and easier and does not demand any extra resources from the PC or mobile phone.

Top advantages of downloading Xender for windows 10

Xender app download for Windows 10 has given way to major breakthrough in networking and data sharing. It offers remarkable advantages such as:

  1. Easy sharing of files of all kinds: Imagine yourself preparing for a presentation and some of the data collected is in mobile phone. You can transfer the data lying in the phone to the laptop in a matter of seconds and make more enriched presentations. The facility also allows family viewing of the picture albums created in mobile phone on a bigger screen. One can even transfer the applications from one device to another using this facility.
  2. Fast sharing of files: The exchange of files or documents between the two Xender-equipped devices is a matter of only a few seconds. Thus, even the heftiest of files such as movies or music or applications can be sent to the devices with bigger screens for enhancing the watchability of the content. Xender offers better alternative to Bluetooth in terms of speed of wireless exchange of data and saves lot of time.
  3. Enables group sharing: Sharing files from one device to another is not restricted between a pair only. All the devices containing Xender can be connected and the exchange of files can happen among those. This feature is quite helpful in corporate environment where a single advertising material is made available across all devices without consuming lot of data and time. Uniformity of brand image becomes easy to maintain when all team members spread the same message and be helpful in creating a stir among the target audience.
  4. Compatible with all existing operating systems: Xender is compatible with Windows, iOS as well as Mac. Thus, the device can be of any kind ranging from an Android phone to an apple device, the process remains the same and swift across all of those.
  5. Can work even with no internet connectivity: Xender allows exchange of files in offline mode between the devices connected with each other through this app. All you do is search for the file, click on it and then search for the target device and send the file to it. Thus, you are not consuming your data while transferring the files between the devices.
System requirements for Xender

To enable transfer of files from phone to the computer, users need Xender. This app can work its best if the system requirements are met: Min 2GB RAM, 5 to 6GB of free hard disk space, the best performance graphics card.

Xender offers the benefits of smaller footprint than ShareIt and sends files to multiple target devices unlike MiDrop. So, enjoy the freedom of using Xender that does not cost anything but certainly comes with loads of benefits. Install it today!

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