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How to Teach Teens Internet Safety

You can teach your youngster Internet security. To begin with, however, consider a few things you should know about existence online.


Youngsters can get to the Internet on mobile devices. The standard that the computer should be set in a typical region of the house despite everything has merit. Be that as it may, with a tablet or smartphone associated with the Internet, your young person may have more access to the online world than at any other time—and without your supervision.

A few teenagers invest unnecessary energy online. "I turn on the computer planning to check my email for five minutes and wind up watching recordings for hours," concedes a 19-year-old young lady. "I need a great deal of self-control."

Adolescents may uncover online more than they should. Obscure individuals can sort out a young person's online comments and photos to discover such information as where the person lives and goes to school and at what times nobody in the family will be at home.


Teach your high schooler priorities and time-management skills. Some portion of turning into a responsible adult includes figuring out how to put first of all. Family communication, homework, and chores are more important than easygoing Internet use. On the off chance that the measure of time your high schooler spends online is a worry, set points of confinement—in any event, utilizing a timer if vital.

Teach your teenager to think before posting. Help your young person to pose such inquiries as: Could the comment I am going to post harmed somebody? How will this photo influence my reputation? Would I feel embarrassed if my parents or different adults saw this photo or comment? What might they close about me on the off chance that they saw it? What might I think of somebody who posted such a comment or photo?

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