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Have You Tried Hair Toppers For Your Alopecia Condition?

Half Wig Solutions To Cover Small Bald Spots

If you’re looking for a remedy for your thinning hair, hair toppers are the perfect way to create a fuller head of hair.

Around 1 in 8 people in the UK experience the hair loss condition of alopecia. In women, the baldness pattern usually begins with thinning around the crown, particularly in the case of where the front hairline can remain intact. While there is less of a chance of going completely bald with this form of alopecia, it can still nonetheless be a distressing diagnosis to receive. 

Along with losing confidence, it is typical for patients to seek solutions to help them regain their former appearance. Wigs for alopecia are a common fix, allowing you to use natural human hair to replicate your previous style and colour of hair, or else experimenting with a new look if you prefer. Another option which is perfect for those with androgenetic alopecia is to invest in hair toppers.

The Right Amount of Coverage

Unlike full wigs which cover the entire head, hair toppers can be fixed to the crown, fringe or sides of your head to provide you with the perfect amount of coverage to disguise your bald spot. If you’re looking to maximise volume in a particularly thin area, then hair toppers are an excellent solution for your alopecia. When you select a hair topper, the finished result will look fuller and give you the confidence you need in your appearance.

Matching Your Topper

As you’ll have existing hair on your head, it’s essential that your topper is a perfect match for the shade, tone and density of your locks, so that it blends in seamlessly rather than standing out as an accessory. Your topper will be fixed firmly in place, usually with double sided medical tape or an inbuilt clip, so there’s no worry of it slipping as you go about your day. However, you’ll need to use a reputable wigmaker to create and match your topper to ensure that it doesn’t give you away!

Make sure your choice of wigmaker professional uses the best quality of human hair, rather than synthetic to handcraft your topper. Synthetic may be a tempting choice due to the inexpensive cost and the ease of care promised. 

However, synthetic hair reacts quite differently to human hair, making it obvious that you’re wearing a wig. If this is something you wish to avoid then go with authentic locks every time. You will achieve entirely natural results with a human hair topper which will match the degree of curl, density of hair and the length of cut that complements your existing hairstyle.

Everyday Use

Hair toppers are ideal for everyday use. They’re lightweight, so you won’t find it cumbersome to wear your half wig. In terms of care, you could expect to wash a real hair topper every two weeks if you’re wearing it every day. 

So long as you care for it following the specific instructions provided by your wigmaker, then you could expect a hair topper to last for several years. If you’re looking to regain your original appearance following a diagnosis of alopecia, then consider hair toppers as a must-have investment to give your confidence a boost!

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