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6 Inexpensive Wedding Ring Ideas for Women’s Da

International Women’s Day has passed by and if your wedding is around the corner, we know that you’re on the lookout for wedding rings.We know wedding rings are difficult to choose and their cost is one of the major differentiating factors.

Guess what, wedding rings can be expensive and still match your highest expectations. That’s why we curated this collection of inexpensive wedding ring ideas for your wedding. 

1.      Opt for a Package Deal

Many engagement rings are offered along with matching band designs for sale. You stand a chance to get a discounted price for buying the full set. 

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of such cheapwedding ring sets and compare multiple packages before making the buying decision.

 2.        Keep the Ring Thin and Simple

The thicker the band, the higher the price, just like Tungsten rings for women

Thinner bands are less expensive than bulky or more detailed bands. You ay choose simplistic designs like brushed gold details while keeping the band thin.

In addition, stackable bands allow you to enhance your wedding set later when you’re in a better financial position. 

If you still want to add details to your ring, focus on the metalwork. Unique textures, detailed engravings, mixed metals, and scrollwork can grab attention with less added cost.

3.      Stick to Your Ring Budget

This sounds like basic personal finance advice, but most of us go wrong here. We keep expanding our ring budget every time we find something more attractive. 

Set a reasonable budget for your ring and stick to it. 

The truth is that there is no ‘perfect’ wedding ring. Every metal and style has its own upsides and downsides. Some people even end up in credit card debt when buying rings. 

We suggest you keep looking for various options and buy the one suiting your budget, for the time being. You can always gift your loved one a better ring in the days to come.

4.        Pick Less Expensive Metals

Metals matter if you’re facing budget constraints. Platinum is expensive. If you want the look of expensive metals at a lesser price, pick from options like white gold, tungsten, palladium, or titanium.

The more metal you put in your ring, the higher is the ring’s cost. Gold purity also affects costs. You can use 14 karats gold to stick to your budget.

5.         Use Gemstones to Add Sparkle

Many couples want their wedding ring to shine in the crowd. There are ways to do this without paying a penny. Gemstones work well for this purpose.

Gemstones augment the visual interest of any ring. Tiny gemstones will control your costs to a great extent.

Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are well-known choices, but precious gems can cost you more. The inexpensive gemstones include topaz, amethyst, citrine, and garnet. 

If you desire more of a diamond look, adding moissanite gems can help you get cheap but beautiful wedding rings. You may also confuse Moissanite with cubic zirconia

Moissanite is a mineral and looks similar to a diamond when it is cut and polished. In fact, a layman cannot easily differentiate between the two stones.

Most moissanite used in jewelry is developed in a laboratory and this makes it very affordable. Moissanite gems can be paired with any metal to create the perfect wedding ring design.

In case you don’t like the idea of something man-made, white sapphires are a good gemstone alternative to white diamonds. While these might look out of the price range, learning the art of negotiation can still get you a stunning wedding ring at a lower price.

6.       Master the Art of Negotiation

It’s very easy to be fooled by jewelers once you step into their store. You will definitely find some honest salesmen out there, but not always. 

A major part of the negotiation comes down to how well you know the product. Yes, research is needed and it will consume some time. Browse through the different types of wedding rings, styles, engraving options, dimensions, and other factors. The best online jewelry retail stores have good product descriptions and detailed blogs to guide you through. Read them carefully and then decide.

The point we’re trying to make is - you should know what you want even before stepping into the store. Be very specific about it and steer clear from the salesmen’s ‘sweet’ suggestions.

Start Shopping for Inexpensive Wedding Rings Today

We’ve equipped you with the best ideas to buy wedding rings for women at a lower price. You can add your creativity as well to give the ring a feminine touch. Get the ring designed according to her personality without disturbing the budget. Remember, certain styles will always cost more and you can wait for some time to buy them for your lady love. After all, you’re gifting it to her and she will consider it as a priceless possession.

Good luck to both of you!

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