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Go Green with these beautiful gifting ideas of indoor plants!

Do you want to give someone a gift that is unique, useful and can give a refreshing feeling every day? Then, how about gifting a beautiful indoor plant? The gift of a plant is really amazing, as it grows every day and makes the recipient think about you every time they see it, or water it. In addition to all the emotional and sentimental attachment with the gift of plant, a plant is always a better option to decorate home, get the freshness of the lush green leaves, acquire medicinal values, and get purified air at home. Some of the plants are also considered auspicious and lucky for the home. So, if you are planning to give a special surprise on someone’s house warming, baby shower, thread ceremony, or on festivals like Diwali, Holi and even on birthday or anniversary, then the option of a green gift will never let you down. This kind of gift will stand out in the crowd of gifts and leave a special impression on the recipient. Some of the best-buy options you can find from the market are:

Syngonium: Syngonium is one of the most loved indoor plants. It can grow very fast and needs minimum care. It requires moist soil, not much watering. This plant doesn’t only add beauty to space but also purifies the air by removing toxic substances. Buy varieties of Syngonium plants along with beautiful pots from MyFlowerApp’ store and gift it to your loved ones to let them breathe some fresh air at home. In some parts of the country, it is mandatory to have an air purifying plant at home. For example Delhi NCR. In such cities, avail of the option of online gift and flower delivery in Delhi to send your loved ones the gift of an air-purifying plant who lives in there. 

Good luck bamboo: This one is a commonly bought plant that is found at almost everyone’s home. this plant gives the desk, table or any corner or shelves a better look with its lush green color. It is considered very auspicious and can also grow easily when the water is changed at regular intervals. Gift this plant along with a bouquet or a cake and please your loved ones. This can be a gift option for festivals and special occasions as well.

Money Plant:  Also known as Pothos, Devil’s eye, and Silver Vine,this plant is bought and kept at almost everyone’s home. Money plant is an all-rounder among indoor plants. It is believed to be lucky when kept and grown at home, brings happiness and wealth, enhances home décor, needs less maintenance, and is famous as a very good air purifier. Buy a money plant to keep at your home or gift it to your loved ones and let them have purified air and loads of good luck.

Sansevieria or Snake plant: Commonly known as the Snake plant, Sansevieria is known to be an excellent air purifier. This plant also enhances air quality and requires less maintenance. It comes in many forms according to the leaf size and shapes. But all the variants look beautiful and help in air purification. A Snake plant is a must-buy for those who need air purification at home with less or no experience in gardening. It can be gifted to your close ones who love gardening and decorating home with plants.

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily): Very easy to grow, a Peace Lily tops the list of air-purifying plants. This is an evergreen flowering plant that requires no maintenance at all. Peace Lily potted plants can be gifted to your close ones to share auspiciousness, harmony and joy.

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