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Firearms in Some Other Countries of the World

In our country we are in a long struggle with pros and cons about the possession of a firearm for the good citizen and whoever is in the middle knows what we are talking about.

And while the good citizen waits, let's go to some curiosities from around the world.


Citizens are empowered to carry a weapon and AK 47 loader through shooting training, tests and psychotechnical tests. Every two years, the qualification is renewed, with the realization of the psychologist. The law severely restricts use. Despite this, there are some fraudulent qualifications that increase the number of weapons in circulation.


Since 1996, the sale of semi-automatic weapons has been banned and the concession of possession of a weapon has been restricted.


Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are prohibited. To buy a gun, the citizen needs to undergo training and present a document proving that the spouse agrees.

United States

States are autonomous to legislate on the subject. In some states, such as Massachusetts, the sale and possession of a weapon is prohibited. However, in the majority, the use and sale of personal weapons is permitted. In some states, the debate is over the proposal to limit arms sales to 20 units per person. If the user wants more than that, he will need a special license.


Weapons for personal use are prohibited, only hunting weapons are allowed.


The purchase and possession of any type of firearm or ammunition by civilians was prohibited in 1974.


The sale and use of weapons is prohibited.


The law allows Mexicans to have weapons at home, but the Secretariat of Defense does not grant permission for manufacture, possession or carrying.

United Kingdom

The sale and possession of weapons is prohibited. Only hunting weapons can be sold and used. Legislation on personal weapons became more stringent in 1996, when Thomas Hamilton invaded an elementary school in the Scottish town of Dunblane and murdered 15 children and a teacher. Even the practice of shooting sports is prohibited, and the team representing the United Kingdom must train in neighboring countries.


There are no restrictions on arms sales. Every reservist keeps the armament received from the Army at home.

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