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Avail The Best Liver Transplant Treatment in India at Affordable Cost

Liver Transplant is an expensive process in the different parts of the world. Also, there are only a few countries who can provide a successful cure for end-stage liver failure.

India is one of the best countries across the world, who provide the required treatment for the failure of the liver. The success rate of the treatment is close to 95%, and if we talk about the Liver Transplant Cost in India it is around one-fourth the price for treatment in the countries like the US, UK, and more.

So, in short, you get to avail the best possible treatment at the minimum cost.

Facts About The Cost of Liver Transplant Procedure in India

The price for any of the medical procedure highly depends on some of the medical and non-medical factors.

The medical factors varying the price of the surgery include:

       The choice of the surgeon for liver transplant surgery
       The hospital you want to visit for the treatment
       Expenses involved in the drugs and medication
       The cost required for the diagnosis of your present health condition
       Treatment price if the patient suffers from any other medical issues apart from liver failure

Apart from this, the non-medical factors varying the cost of liver transplant surgery include:

       Price for food and lodging
       Transport and conveyance
       The cost involved in the visa application process.

Well, the first thing that the patient thinks to save the cost is undergoing medical treatment in their own country that can help them save the non-medical expenses.

The fact is right, but if the price of treatment is more than four times in your country, then there is no worth spending the money there.

Also, the success rate of the liver transplant and other complicated processes matter while choosing your treatment centre.

So, in India, all the Best Liver Transplant Costinclusive of all the medical and non-medical procedures is in the range of 29,000 to 45,000.

The cost in itself is ten times less than the price for the treatment in the US. The price of the liver transplant in the US starts at USD 5,50,000 and it can go as high as USD 6,50,000.

So, you can check the difference. Moreover, the price for the surgery is increased by 10% due to the non-medical expenses, still, you can save 80% of the cost by undergoing the treatment in India.

Same is the case with countries like Singapore, Turkey, Russia, and more.

In a Nutshell:

So, in short, you can save the overall expenses involved in the treatment, plus you are also assured for successful healing by planning your treatment in India.

Here the charges for medicines are less than any other country. So, you can save considerably on the medicines that are essential for recovery.

It is because the medicines are manufactured here in the country, and all the organic medicines are manufactured at a low price.

So, you can not only save during your surgery but also after the transplant is done until the recovery.

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