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Reasons you should play Fantasy Football

The invention of technology has helped in making a lot of things easier and simpler. Technology is used in every sector. Most of the tasks and sectors are dependent on technology. Every age group is making use of technology in some way or the other. The smartphones have been developed through technology only. Every person owns a smartphone these days. 

You will hardly find any person not owning a smartphone. Smartphones have made our life very easy, as anything can be done through them. Due to internet availability, most of the things are just a click away. Many games have been developed which are played through the internet, it is all because of technological development.

 The games are developed which can be played by a person of any age group and gender. Various types of games are there which help in the development of mind, enhances alertness, etc. Play and earn games are there which help you to earn money through rewards. A lot of people play these games in their free time to earn money and cash rewards in the form of cashback, bonuses, offers, etc.

Fantasy games are the type of games in which the participant has to select their imaginary or virtual team of real players of professional sports and the teams then compete based on their actual or real-life performance and winners get the opportunity to earn money as a form of reward.

 The various sports are added to games like cricket, football, kabaddi, NBA, etc. Premier league fantasy football is the most popular game among football fans. These games are now legal and 100% secure. To create the team and to win you need to be updated with the players and sports-related news.

To play the game, you must register yourself and then log-in. Then you have to select the match and join the match in which you are interested to play. A Multiple number of matches can also be joined at one time. You must select the 11 players that you think will play well in the match. The players that you select should consist of 1 goalkeeper, 1-3 attackers, 3-5 defenders and midfielders each. 

The players are selected by using the points of 1000 gems. Each player has been allotted certain points which are to be spent to add the player in the squad. The team should be created before the actual match starts. After the selection of players, now you have to select the star player and the captain which will earn 2X points and 1.5X points respectively. You have to pay Rs.25 now from your wallet to join the game. The team will earn points based on the actual match performance and after the end of the match, final ranking will be declared and winners will be announced and you may get a chance to earn cashback, money, bonus, etc.

Fantasy sports can be a hobby that needs a small amount of investment but can offer you great rewards. Football fantasy is popular among the people and people play for the following reasons:

·         It is competitive: Sports is all about competition. Sports fans love competitions because of unpredictable outcomes and strategy formation. Just like the strategy is required while playing the sport, it is also required while creating teams in the game as any wrong selection of players can lose you the game.
·         You become the manager: In fantasy sports, you are the manager of the team. Every sports fan thinks at some point of time that he/she can manage the team better than that. So, here you get the chance to manage the team yourself. You can set the line ups, select player of your choice and select the captain on your own.
·         Great source of entertainment: Whenever you watch the match, sometimes it becomes boring. But when you play fantasy sports it adds thrill to the game as you will be interested in the game for the whole time because you have invested your money in the game and you want to win the rewards. It is not gambling as it 100% legal and secure. It is difficult for you to win because there are a lot many knowledgeable minds playing the game. It also acts as a good source of spending your leisure time and can help you make money at that time.
·         It provides you with knowledge related to the sport: Playing fantasy football is the best way to learn about football. If you do not play fantasy football then you will not be interested in learning the game but once you have invested some money and play fantasy football then you will be curious to learn the game of football. You will become familiar with the rules, leagues, teams and the players.
·         Requires very less amount of time: Playing fantasy football requires a little time as you just have to select the players that you want in your team and then join the game. Nothing is required after joining the match, all the points will be credited to you based on the actual performance of the players on its own. You can view the results after the match is over. The rankings and rewards are also declared after the match ends.
·         If you don’t have much knowledge of the players and game, then also you can play the game and win. You can have a look over the quick stats of the players that are provided to you, from where you can judge the player’s strength.

You should not select the players from a single team or your favourite team. If you want to win, then the players you select should be selected from both the teams. While selecting the star player and the captain, one of them should be selected from the attackers as they are ones who score goals and will help you to get maximum points. PlayerzPot is one of the best fantasy football app which provides you with up to Rs.5555 as a bonus on the first sign up.

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