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Making products more perfect the pre-programmed way

Manually doing work is what humans what to rise above for a long time. We want most of our work to be done by someone else and also, we need it done perfectly. Relying on other people to do our task seems like an attractive option but then the point about precision is doubtful. We want work to be done as close to perfection as possible. This all started when we made simple mistakes while adding big numbers and so we invented a calculator that could do our work for us and we could also trust it about the precision of working. This means we like to dictate the precision of work. This must have been the source of cnc machining or computer numerical control machining.

What is computer numerical control machining?

Cnc machining is a process where the working of factory tools and functioning of the entire factory is dependant on pre-programmed software. In a factory, there is a lot of work to be done and it needs precision in measurement or speed. All this work is kind of predictable and repetitive. So, these can be made into programs for the computer to dictate the time of the work to be done and at what speed it has to be done. Usually, in a factory, these functions were carried out y workers with the help of manual operation of levers or buttons. But now they are controlled by a set of software that decides when to press the button or pull the lever up or down to get the work done. The programming has to be done initially keeping all the components of the factory in mind. Once the programming is done it is a much smooth sailing ship than the factory that has to be manually operated and have more error factors.

A little about the CNC programming

When it comes to CNC programming it can be simplified into various aspects. This is a software that is able to do a job based on the fact that everything is located right in the place where it is supposed to be according to the program. The speed of the work to done can also be adjusted in the pre-programmed software and the entire repetition can be made easier.

Should you go with open loops or closed loops? – an open loop is a one-way street from the controller to the motor. There is no point of error correction in this one. A closed-loop on the other hand is the one that gives the feedback from the motor to the controller and is therefore capable of corrections.

cnc machining is a fully automated programming: there might be a need for some robotic hands that will transfer the parts from one applicator to the other and there has to be programming till the build-up of the finished product but altogether this does a more precise job.

Sum it up

We can all see the obvious problem of cnc machining. Due to most work done automatically and there is no need for manual help the unemployment rates are going to go higher.

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