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In Which Country You Can Avail the Best Kidney Transplant in Minimum Possible Cost?

Whenever the conversation is about the kidney or any other organ transplant, the first name that clicks anyone's mind is India. It is because the country is the home for kidney transplant experts who excel in delivering best-in-class services.

You would be surprised to know that in spite of providing top-notch service, the Expenses for Kidney Transplant in India are the least.

The success rate of kidney transplant in India is the maximum across the globe that is approximately 94%. So, the patients travelling to the country receives the transplant successfully and also, can get back to their healthy life after the treatment.

There are the rarest chances that the patient has to undergo any failure.

 Another most important benefit of a kidney transplant is that the patient does not have to revisit the doctor periodically, just like the dialysis.

How Much Does a Patient Save by Availing the Kidney Transplantation in India?

Many people living in developed countries like the US and the UK, keep on undergoing dialysis for the rest of their life after the failure of the kidney. It is because the cost of the transplant is so high that it is nearly impossible for them to afford.

However, if you talk about the cost of transplant in India, it is only 13,000 US Dollars, which is approximately 20 times less the cost of treatment in the US. Yes, this is true; as the starting cost of a kidney transplant in the US is USD 260,000.

The price in the US is also around 200,000 dollars.

If we talk about other top countries delivering the successful kidney transplant, like Thailand and Singapore; Expenses for Kidney Transplant in India are still five to six times lower.

The kidney transplant price in India is lower than the cost of the amount required for dialysis every year in the developed countries. Availability of highly successful kidney transplant that too at a low cost, makes India ranks first amongst all the countries for not only kidney transplant but all organ transplants.

Every year the top-notch doctors of the country perform the maximum number of a successful kidney transplant on both the national and international patients. All those who cannot afford the treatment in their country are travelling to India.

After the successful transplantation, a patient can live for a minimum tenure of five years without complications. If the age during the transplant was below 40 years, then there are higher chances of living for more number of years.

Final Words:

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in search of cost-effective transplantation, for you or your family, plan your visit to India and improve the condition of your life.

Even after the end-stage renal diseases, you can put an end to your sufferings and live a healthy life after kidney transplantation. If you require any help in availing the treatment in India, you can approach the top medical tourism companies of the country.

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