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Distinctions Between Authentic and Replica Soccer Jerseys

Soccer fans ask us all the time about whether a particular Jersey is authentic or not. It's not rocket science to tell the difference between them. You can get to know about it just through a few examples.

While looking for Juventus Soccer Jerseys, certain features give away the authenticity of its manufacture. It's not just about Juventus apparel but about different brands that make soccer jerseys.
Every brand has different features that set them apart from the replicas. The set of differences are also diverse when we consider each brand. Let's go through some of the popular brands' authentic and replica soccer jerseys.

Brand-wise Difference Between Authentic and Replica


Puma has been the sponsor for the Manchester City club for long. Usually, the Puma authentic soccer jersey costs around $120. It’s made with truly competing colours that push the teams forward. The old authentic Puma soccer jersey is a slim-fit that has an elastic neck tape and a woven badge. The technology used in Puma soccer jerseys enables sweat to escape quickly. Shincool technology has the ability to change body temperature and humidity level.

On the other hand, the replica soccer jersey for Puma has a more relaxed fit that doesn't go properly with the body. In some replicas, they might also try the drycell technology, but the preciseness is not even half the expectations.


Adidas, maybe the most popular brand in the football world. Many teams are sponsored by Adidas including Juventus. Right from Juventus training pants to kit bags have a unique scent that only Adidas can possess. Adidas also sponsors other clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The Adidas authentic jersey may cost $130, but, it is one of the best in the class. The fitting is performance-oriented that enables instant movement without any unexpected pull from the jersey. Adidas authentic soccer jerseys are lightweight when compared to replicas. The next feature is immense breathability, that means your body can be comfortable even after some exhausting sessions.

The flip side for authentic jerseys are the replicas. They have a relaxed-fitting and some amount of breathability. They try to make it as much similar to the authentic ones as possible but are highly unsuccessful. The crests are embroidered rather than imprinting them. The small holes that let air pass through are not there as well.


The authentic Nike soccer jersey is called The vapour match. It costs around $160. Football clubs including Chelsea, FC Barcelona, etc. are sponsored by Nike.

Nike’s original soccer jersey again has a slim fit with Vaporknit technology for the utmost comfort and performance. It is called a Vapor match because of the breathability on offer. Moreover, the logos on all authentic jerseys are heat pressed to make them lightweight.

The replica of the Nike soccer jersey is called a stadium. The replica itself costs around $90, which translates to be the most expensive. The badges are sewn rather than being imprinted, which translates to increased weight.

       New balance

The New Balance soccer jerseys are worn by clubs like Liverpool FC. The New Balance authentic soccer jerseys have a moisture-wicking material to take care of the exhausting sessions. There is adequate ventilation for improved airflow. And the badges are heat pressed and imprinted.

The replicas of New Balance soccer jerseys may also have the sweat absorbent technology but they don’t have the ventilation that makes all the difference.

The point of telling you the difference is to be aware of what you are paying for. Some people prefer replicas to save some money. However, many of them buy a replica at the price of an authentic soccer jersey. And that is what we want to avoid.

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