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Corporate social responsibility is not only applicable outside the organization but also in the organization

Corporate social responsibility software is an important application which is used by businesses to analyze monitor and manage their CSR activities. 

It also helps in tracking and evaluating the activities, concentrating more on the profitable ones, improving upon the past activities.

 The corporate manager should depend on the software so that they can make a comprehensive study of the CSR activities. They can place and manage the projects by keeping them in a single place so that they can monitor their results and behave in an organized way.

Corporate social responsibility assessment software air helps in successful implementation of a project. There are many softwares available in the market which are very affordable and effective

To implement any activity coming under corporate social responsibility, the businesses have to plan a strategy in their organization. The making of a strategy is the starting point of any organizational CSR practice. 

The businesses should strive towards building up of solid support within the organization. The CSR strategy will then move a step ahead and will place the document for a responsible business. That document should exhibit the ambition and goals of the company clearly. 

After defining the strategy the next step is to set up a CSR management system. This management teams what was the implementation of strategy. This also includes the active participation of the members of an organization.

The rules of the CSR strategy should be known to the members and more positive member should be engage to implement the strategy. Once the strategies are implemented by the management systems it is the time for reporting the final results of companies CSR activities. This report is placed annually. This report judges that the implementation of strategy has been successful and has been worth reporting to the stakeholders.

Corporate responsibility software maybe I'm mix of geographical information software and management information software. It is a web and mobile based application. It has been conceptualized to track the activities of CSR carried out by the businesses in and around the area they are situated. This software gives the geographical location analysis of CSR activities and also the management of expenditure involved. It acts as a management and decision support system.

The key functions of the software are

1. To create a new project proposal
2. Approving or rejecting the previous proposal.
3. Allocating funds and budget for implementation of project full
4. Keep track of expenditure.
5. Carefully watching the NGOs working with an organization for implementing the project
6. This software supervises over the CSR executives and keep a track of the event record and then finally a report is furnished

corporate social responsibility  software companies allow great customization. They are integrated with the application. The companies should not work to make money only but also create values for the people around them. Their activities should be a living example of corporate citizenship.

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