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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Telecom Sector

Artificial intelligence is a model of human mind processes by machinery, specifically computerised systems. This process comprises of learning i.e., acquiring the details and the rules to use the information, reasoning i.e., utilising rules to reach to the fin al outcome and auto-correction.

 It is the simulating the human mind into the machines which are programmed to imagine and think just like humans and imitate behaviour. Due to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning becoming common and omnipresent, we will be pushed to discover the industry which is not gaining any advantages that they can offer.

Telecommunications sector consists of various companies which assist in making communication possible on world level, either with the help of phone, cables, wires, internet or wireless. Telecommunications is on of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

 An infrastructure is developed by them which permits to send the data anywhere in the world in the form of audio, video, words, etc. The major companies in this industry are the satellite companies, cable and telephone operators which include both wired and wireless and internet service providers.

To enhance the users experience and to conduct preventive maintenance for enhancing the network credibility, artificial intelligence and machine learning is used by the telecommunications industry. The application of AI in telecommunication sector has provided a large no. of benefits which are as follows:

·   Improves Customer’s Experience: To enhance the customer’s experience, telecom companieswith the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning use chatbots and virtual assistants. The virtual assistants automatically respond to the support requests like set up, installation, troubleshooting, etc which reduces the stress on the company’s employees and makes customers satisfy. The chatbots analyse the requests received from customers and respond to them on their own. The chatbots can also offer services in speech or voice form. These chatbots and virtual assistants are very helpful when the customer base is very large. The additional benefits of it is that it can provide assistance anywhere and at any point of time. The voice assistance helps the disabled persons as they can search anything with their voice instead of pressing buttons. The customised service can be provided to the users after analysing their data.

·       Preventive maintenance: The predictive maintenance is activated by the artificial intelligence enhances the customer’s experience. The network optimisation can also be done through artificial intelligence which helps the network to adapt and reconfigure on its own on the basis of current requirements.

·      Data based business decisions: Predictive Analysis: A large amount of data is held with the companies, which is generated from customers. The companies can draw meaningful business insights with the help of AI and machine learning for the better decision making.

·     Detecting Fraudulent activities: The algorithms are useful to detect the any kind fraudulent activity being taken place like fake profile, illegal access, etc. The algorithms easily determine the normal activity and can spot the fraudulent activities on real-time basis.

Artificial intelligence in telecom has made easier to resolve the various kinds of issues and manage the business more effectively and efficiently.

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