Medical Lab Technician Program: Scope after Having a Diploma

December 01, 2019 RAWAT 0 Comments

Science students aspiring to enter the medical field are provided with whole lot of options to choose from.  There are diversified options and sections to select from. The truth is that each and every person, irrespective of age, gender and geographical location does require proper and correct treatment to get cured from the disease or ailment suffered from. 

The general physician examines the patient physically to diagnose the reason for the cause of the ailment. In case, the medical practitioner is not able to understand the patient’s issues suffered or if initial medication level fails to respond as desired, then he/she is suggested to opt for lab tests. Performing different types of medical tests helps to confirm presence of disease. On completion of thorough investigation according to recommendations, the treatment is proceeded with or the patient is suggested to consult a specialist to ensure availing advanced treatment.

Lab technician’s role

It is quite natural for doctor to recommend the patient to undergo thorough health investigation. It is here that the lab technician is said to play a crucial role. He/she extracts sample from the patient’s body, preserves it carefully to ensure that it is kept away from atmospheric vulnerabilities and to examine the same for further analysis. This is accurately performed by the individual having undergone lab technician course and secured a diploma. It does help the aspirant to perform the duties set with great expertise and without making any mistake.

The course

Lab technician course tends to include general pharmacology, clinical biochemistry, blood banking, infection control, systematic medical microbiology, sample storage & transportation, fine needle aspiration method, diagnostic and pathology techniques, cleaning and maintaining the lab equipment, supply chain and material management, quality control and much more. Through this curriculum, the trainee is made aware of the crucial aspects related with the field.

To enrol and achieve success in the program, the lab technician needs to have desired eligibility. Only then will the trainee be in a better position to understand the program and carry out the set responsibilities work with great ease and overcoming difficulties. Besides eligibility, affordability does also play a vital role. With lab technician program being offered by the reputed colleges at an affordable rate, it is possible for any candidate to enrol in this program and become a qualified lab technician. The course duration needs to be completed and the exams qualified with good grades to enable getting a job at the reputed medical institutions in the country and even abroad. Several well established colleges in the country also offers the candidate to avail on-job training opportunities.

Job description

The lab technician is considered to be the main person responsible to extract samples from patient’s body in a painless manner. Challenge faced here is not just to extract samples strategically, but to store the same in a careful manner. It does ensure that sample reaches the lab without getting sabotaged. Once done, sample gets analysed prior to report preparation. It is considered to be a crucial step within any treatment procedure and acts as gateway for initiating valid treatment process. Final step involved is to write analysis according to observation made. This report created by the certified lab technician is used by the doctors and patients for better understanding the latter’s physical condition.

Hence, with huge responsibility on the shoulders of the lab technician, they are in huge demand the world over, thus making the course a lucrative one.