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Do you want to have the highest margin broker in India?

The trading in the share market is a business for many. Here as a client one needs to provide some amount to the broker which is known as margin money. As per the margin money credit policy the client can have limit set by the broker which helps him in trading. Therefore every trader who wants to have more trading with less amount of margin, it is required to find the highest margin broker in India.

Brokerage and Margin Money:

While trading the trader do not get all the profit made by him on the transaction. They need to pay certain expenses as a part of the trade. Brokerage is the most important expense to be incurred by the trader. This brokerage depends on the agreement with broker for the rate and the different types of trade. No specific rules are mentioned as per minimum and maximum brokerage so one needs to highly alert at the time dealing. If the trader wishes to have bulk trading it becomes necessary to find out the correct broker with whose help they can have better trading facilities and at low rate.

Brokerage Rate:

Variation in brokerage proves helpful for those traders who trade in bulk. As they deal in huge volume even a paisa matters a lot to them. The services offered by brokers at discounted or special rates are useful for the traders. They need services at low rates of brokerage but the most important thing is that the broker offer highest exposure to their margin fund are considered best. These traders need to find out thehighest margin broker in India offering best services at low brokerage rate whether they trades offline or online does not matter.


The trader should be aware about the benefits as well as the limitations while going for low or high brokerage. It is the credit limit that is offered by the service providers which is against the margin money that is paid by the trader to the broker. If one goes for bulk trading in intraday more exposure against same margin money can be of much help and similarly proves helpful to the broker. In case of more exposure the trader can avail more limits and in turn can have more chance of having bulk trading. But in case of low exposure his credit may be used only by few traders.  

If the trader goes for more trading, the broker can also earn more brokerage. One should always remember that more exposure will lead to more use of credit and also trading. In case the trade goes wrong the credit limit can be taken away until he pays some more amounts to the broker. The profile of the trader can be spoiled in case of high exposure, if he does not get the right trade and may incur loss in order to reverse the trade. So the best exposure offered by the service providers is moderate exposure.

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