Crucial Facts to Consider when Choosing a Domain Name

December 15, 2019 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Domain names are without doubt one of the most essential aspect of every business to have an adequate online presence. However, people are not aware of certain facts which lead them to choosing names which aren’t appropriate sometime for their business. There are numerous crucial facts which people should know about brandable domain names. The facts mentioned here will help one to choose the correct domain name that will help his/her business.

So, let’s start with the first one!

Different business name and domain name allowed

One of the most common questions which people are confused about when choosing a domain name is that whether registered business name and domain name has to be the same. The short answer is no; it can different. Though there are a few aspects which should be kept in mind when picking a domain name, but it doesn’t have to be the same as registered business identity.

However, when picking such a name there are certain things which should be considered and one of which is having a domain name that matches with one’s registered business name. It should be similar as it helps in people remembering the brand.

Can SEO be affected depending on domain name?

Well, a domain name matters for SEO always; however, not as much as most people think. When it comes to ranking top in a search engine like Google, it will take into account over 200 factors that will help a website rank and not just domain name.

If a business domain name has targeted keywords in it, then it matters but not as much as it used to in the early SEO days. Nowadays, more than having keywords in domain names, having a remarkable website matter more. Even without having targeted keywords, nowadays, there are numerous ways for search engine optimization through which one can promote his/her website effectively.

Just a tip, one can consider putting a location in domain name if it is a local business which caters to the need of the local people primarily. Or simply, opt for a domain name that would highlight the keyword as it doesn’t have to be the same as a business’ registered name.

Different domain extension

One of the best extensions available for any business is the .com. A business can never go wrong with this extension. Hence, the ideal domain name would be the one where it will keep one’s brand consistent and should have an extension which is .com.

Apart from this, there are a few other extensions which one can consider for his/her website. Let’s say a business or startup was created in Australia; now one can opt for both extensions which are .com for globally acquiring customers and also .au which would be the local extension for local people.

Now the question is if .com is not available; yes there are times one might not get the extension .com as every business tries for that first. If this is the case, then next best option for people is to select .net option. It is what most popular after .com.

Now .org is common for businesses that are classified as non-profit organizations. Apart from these there are several other domain extensions available for an individual to choose. If it suits one’s business and fulfill all other requirements one has, then he/she can certainly choose that as the extension.

Expiration of domain name

Every registration for domain names generally lasts in between 1 to 10 years. Hence, if any business purchases a domain name for just one year, then it is the duty of the business owner to ensure that before the expiry date arrives, that name should be renewed. Every reputable brandable domain name generator service provider will always send notices through email about the pending expiration long before the date arrives.

However, if the date expires the consequences depend on the country. For example, sometimes grace period is included; however, check that before purchasing from a service provider. Some registries will add a penalty if the date expires before renewal, and it can be quite expensive sometimes. Thus, paying attention to this is essential.

Keeping these critical facts in mind will help one to get the best domain names for his/her business. So, get your domain name today!