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Study in Hungary- a good decision or not?

Hungary is a small beautiful country with a safe and friendly atmosphere. If you have decided to study in Hungary, let me tell you that the education you acquire from here competes well with the education you may receive from the top universities of other European countries.

In Hungary, you can study several top-notch Bachelor's or Master's programs. Many Hungarian universities have been appreciated for the quality education they provide. Moreover, these universities are always a part of the top universities' rankings.

It has been observed that more and more students are deciding to study and indulge themselves in the amazing experience this country has to provide, by getting the Hungarian Student Visa.

Before starting the application process, every student wants to know some of the most important aspects of the country, which will help them decide if Hungary is a good destination for pursuing further studies or not.

If you are also considering to go to Hungary, let us discuss about some pros and cons of studying in the country to make a sound decision.


Hungary provides an assortment of great international schools to choose from, located in and around Budapest. Unlike traditional Hungarian schools, international schools are English medium, making it easy for foreign students to amalgamate into the system. The downside to private and international schools is that they are often very expensive whereas public schooling in Hungary is free.

Quality of life

Hungary is a warm and welcoming country, helping students and tourists feel at home. The quality of life here is by and large very high, and many foreign nationals think like they can afford a better lifestyle living in this European country. Although the quality of life here is more privileged than in most other neighboring countries, the language gap can prove to be quite a barrier for immigrants to prevail over.

When it comes to tourist attractions Hungry is not at all withdrawn, showcasing a profusion of places to see and things to do. There are plenty of opportunities for experiencing multi-cultures, from viewing historical monuments dating back to Roman Empires to visiting well-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


You will have the option of renting or buying furnished or unfurnished property in Hungary for a comparatively low cost. While low accommodation cost acts as a benefit, it is followed by the con of the maintenance and utility fees being exceedingly high.

If you are habitual of servents, this might be heartbreaker for you that you will have to do all the chores on your own. Hiring a servant/maid can cost you a lot and being a student it may get difficult to afford it.


Getting from one place to another in Hungary is easy since the country has a reasonably priced and very effective public transport system. Gasoline here is also low-cost, but the Hungarian driving laws might confuse the people that recently arrive in the country.


In comparison to other European countries, Hungary has a very reasonable and inexpensive public healthcare system. The only problem that you can face is that very few medical professionals and doctors in Hungary are English-speaking.

Cost of living

Hungary is one of the most inexpensive European countries to live in. Although its low cost of living makes it likable to many, VAT is also higher than any other country in the European Union at 27%. There is also the subject of complicated income taxes for people living in Hungary, which can add aggravation to the immigration process.

 Language gap

Hungarian is can be a difficult and challenging language to learn, and most of the signboards are written in Hungarian. Many of the locals in the countryside and outside of Budapest only speak Hungarian or an unusual language and communication may prove to be a huge challenge in certain parts of the country. Foreigners are expected to try and become proverbial with at least some of the common phrases in Hungarian that will help them to carry out their day-to-day interaction with locals. 

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