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Few Basic Things to Know About Topographical Surveys

Topographical surveys are necessary only before starting with construction work, as it helps in doing the work of surveying land. Carrying out this survey helps in determining and locating different features present in any land, be it a manmade or another kind of natural characteristics. Compared to other surveys, this one is different since it helps in studying and knowing regarding the elevation of the land surface. The crucial measurements required for doing the survey is mostly taken by utilizing the GPS and EDM. The map contains parcel elevation which is shown with the help of contour lines that are highlighted through Earth surface contours and also with elevations. It depicts the present underground attributes like the presence of man-made or natural gas lines, fences, utility poles, retaining walls, wells and more. It provides information that can help designers to create suitable designs fitted to the specified land.

There are different ways of doing these surveys such as GIS or Geographic Information System, GPS, LIDAR and Theodolite surveys.
Who Utilize These Surveys?
Mostly an engineer requires the survey since they have to understand about the land surface and its elevation and find out if it is necessary to do any work or making any adjustments inside the property. Apart from an engineer, even an architect utilize this survey for designing a blueprint of any upcoming construction project which assists them for getting a green signal before starting with the groundbreaking process. In case any of the building has particular topographical threats and challenges like steep grade, or any kind of issues then a detailed survey is necessary to be done before beginning with the construction. This makes sure that the planned design works accurately in the given condition. Any government agency before beginning with the construction work or zoning regulations performs the survey which helps in evaluating the already present infrastructure.
When Is Survey Required?
Topographical surveys are also commonly known as contour surveys is considered as a part of the transactions made in real estate, different construction projects and also for making any of the designs in civil engineering which includes remodelling of the different projects, designing a new road or any kind of drainage projects. With the boundary survey, all of these surveys are utilized by the architects along with engineers for making accurate designs depending on the present conditions.
For proper understanding and knowing about form, shape and also as the geographical position of various land features. These surveys are essential for designing a farm, garden or any highway. It targets mainly on gathering essential data of land features along with its altitude.
Therefore, these are the basic things that are necessary to know about topographic surveys.

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