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A perfect guide to B. Tech Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering includes a wide range of concepts and is considered one of the most diverse and versatile engineering disciplines. This is the reason behind mechanical engineers stepping into all domains of the industrial sector, apart from engineering. The article below will give you a sneak-peek about the scope of mechanical engineering and why you should choose it as your academic career.

Why should you study B. Tech Mechanical Engineering?

Through this program, students will learn about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, as well as product design and manufacturing processes. Besides the technical subjects, additional courses on communication, business and different types of social-sciences are offered. This further enables students to transform themselves into global leaders in their respective domains. Graduates with such well-rounded perspectives will possess the ability and flexibility to work in a variety of sectors. 

What are your career prospects after graduation?

B Tech Mechanical Engineering as a degree program is a broad subject that offers a wide array of career possibilities. The curriculum of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering is integrated with practical learning projects. This opens doors for them to take up internships or apprenticeships with any national and international university or industry to find solutions to engineering and scientific problems.

As a mechanical engineer, you will get to enjoy a profession that holds both flexibility and individuality. The career path of a mechanical engineeris typically based on individual choices. This is considered as a unique advantage in the dynamic industrial world. Mechanical engineers are capable of working in a wide variety of industrial sectors, including both traditional industries, as well as the emerging areas:

·         Aerospace – The role of mechanical engineering in the aerospace industry involves a wide range of activitiesincluding designing, construction and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and weapons systems. 

·         Automotive – Mechanical engineers are in high demand among automobile producers where their major contribution goes into designing, developing, implementing, testing and evaluating the performance of equipment and machines. 

·         Nuclear technology – Just like any other sector of science and technology, nuclear energy systems also require the help of a mechanical engineer. Their job roles may include activities involving nuclear power generation, radioisotope diagnostics or nuclear materials handling. 

·         Robotics − In the field of robotics, mechanical engineers are typically in charge of designing and actuating of robots. Therefore, mechanical engineers have a good grounding of how robotics work and are mostly specialised in mechatronics.

·         Biomedical technology – Mechanical engineers who are specialised in medical science are typically referred to as medical engineers. These professionals engage themselves in projects related to the functioning of artificial organs and prosthetic limbs.

If you are interested in the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of the moveable parts of a machine, then B Tech mechanical engineering could be the program of study for you.

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