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Top NGOs in the agriculture sector

Agriculture is the most noble and oldest profession for mankind which helped humans to survive from the millions of years. However to keep the agriculture sector flourishing wellbeing of the farmers and farmer community should be the top most priority of any country. Top make this happen all the countries are implementing various schemes and programs according to their needs to provide favorable conditions for their country farmers.

Apart from government sector, ngo’s have been playing a vital role in rural community development, besides government interventions and supporting economic development in different ways. Among all the sectors the area which requires a huge support from Ngos is agriculture sector. In spite of development in agriculture sector India is still facing crisis in this sector in one or other way. Prominent among them is farmers suicides- which is increasing year after year in all most all the states of the country. which has to considered as a serious issue and need to be addressed.

Though governments are implementing a lot of welfare schemes it’s not possible for government alone  to  meet the challenges of making all the schemes to reach farmers in a country like India with the population 111.7 million farmers. At this point of time a lot of agriculture Ngo’s and non-profit organizations are filling the gap by actively involving in welfare activities like Training farmers, creating awareness and helping farmers to receive benefits of government schemes .

According to my research these are the top agriculture ngos in India which are helping farmers and trying to curb the farmer suicides.

1. Save Indian Farmers

Primary work: help the widows of the farmers who did not get any government aid by investing in an entrepreneurial way so they could stand on their feet and lead their family out of poverty.

Website: http://www.saveindianfarmers.org/


Primary work: Creating a largest community of people, scientists, scholars and students of India for helping farmers in all possible ways. Leading by agriculture professionals with a slogan of voice of Indian farmers.

Website: http://krishiyodha.com/


Primary work: Miitti works to improve the quality of rural life and drive sustainability using available resources.

Website: http://www.miitti.in/

4.ISAP(India Society of Agri-Business Professionals)

Primary work: ISAP is one of the largest networks of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and acts as a bridge between this network of Indian rural communities

Website: http://www.isapindia.org

5.SRIJAN(Self-Reliant Initiative through Joint Action)

Primary work:  To empower rural families by increasing their annual income by 2020

Website: http://srijanindia.org/

6. FarmERP

Primary work:  Through FarmERP they assist corporate and individual farm operators, agribusiness and contract farming companies, exporters, R&D institutions, and Government agencies, Co-operatives to exploit the power of Smart agriculture to achieve higher efficiency, higher yields, higher profitability and complete traceability.

Website: https://www.farmerp.com/

Realizing that the government network alone was not able to fulfill the needs of the massive farmers and achieve the enormous tasks in the process of rural development, the non-governmental organizations had to be involved in different phases of work and activities at the global, regional and local levels to achieve the dream farmers wellbeing in the our country.

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