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How to Protect my Door Against Theft?

Did you know that most thieves enter the houses through the front door? A weak door is a red spotlight that puts us in the sights of intruders Take care of the lovers of the alien! We tell you: How to protect my door against theft?

Although ending crime is not in our hands, if there are actions, we can take to prevent our home from being ransacked. Take into account the following recommendations to reinforce the main entrance of your house provided by Uneek Security Doors.
1. Is your Door Reliable?
It is very important that you check the strength of your door. Avoid hollow doors to communicate with the outside.
The Best Materials for main Door are:
Solid wood: opt for one that is made of fine wood such as mahogany to avoid damage to its structure due to environmental factors.
Make sure it is a reinforced security door inside, which has several lock locks. Since, if they do not have this block they could be easily violated.
Security Door
TIP: Avoid the proximity between doors and windows
When replacing your doors, it is very important that the new doors do not have windows. A door with a window or a window next to the door is the main target of thieves.
2. Install additional bolts
In addition to the latch, it is important to provide additional protection to our main door by installing security locks. Among the main types of locks and bolts we can use include:
Multipoint lock: It works by adding bolts around the perimeter of the door. So it is very difficult to break the lock with a single blow.
Double security lock: Specific lock models that allow the opening of the lock to be recombined with the help of an additional key.
Digital lock: They allow you to have control of access to the house through its different types of opening: fingerprint, pattern or card.
We explain everything you need to know about these locks by clicking Uneek Security Doors.
3. Reinforce the accessories and the frame of your door
You can have the best door and lock, but if your frame is weak and the hinges are exposed, it becomes an easy target for thieves to open it by leverage or breaking the frame.
Periodically check your door to verify that exposed hinges and reinforcement plates (where the lock pin is stuck) are tight and tight.
4. Place Peepholes
A peephole is very useful to see who is on the other side of the door. We recommend replacing your traditional sight glass with a digital one. Its wide viewing angle will allow you to detect who is knocking at your door and if there are more people in the surroundings. 
5. Extra Blacksmith Door
If you already reinforced your door, but still looking to add one more point of security. You can place a protective door made of blacksmithing, in front of the main door. Nowadays you don't need to compromise your style, you can find different designs and colors to further highlight the front of your house.  Take these tips into account to keep your home protected. If you need guidance, ask your reliable advisor.

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