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Basic Signs from the First Date to Know She is a keeper

In today’s world of dating, it becomes a constant headache for people to find out the right type of date for themselves. So there are some subtle signs which you need to keep a lookout for to understand that she is a keeper or not.

Basic signs to know she is a keeper from the first time

Here are some of the primary symbols to see that she is a keeper from the first date.

She does not check on you at every second of the day. She practically trusts you and knows that you are only telling the truth to her. She is not the obsessive or the manipulative type who will call on you or text you throughout the entire day. When you are free, she will devote her time to you.

She is carrying her bag, which shows the sign that she is strong and independent enough to do things on her own. She does not want you to trouble on the fact that you should carry her weight after getting into a relationship.

She opens the door for you and smiles. She understands that society ensures that men should do things, but it is not at all essential to put the burden at men all the time. If she does these small things for you, then she is a keeper.

She respects the fact that you intend on something is wrong, and that is practically looking bad. She understands and apologizes to you on the first go. This does not mean that she will surrender to everything that you say. This means that you know what is wrong and she does too. 

She appreciates the little things that make life easier for people. She enjoys and is grateful for items that are there in her life. She is even thankful that you came and took your time out on a date with her which brings a smile to her face. 

She does not expect and forces you to tag along with everything that she does. This means that she respects your privacy and even hints you to respect hers. She asks for your polite gestures and permissions so that it can be convenient for you to know what has happened.

She agrees to pay for half of the bill for the first date. She does not want you to take the entire burden.

She is politely gesturing you for little things, and the date has gone longer than expected. Then your usual ones, this one has lasted for a long time, and this is the prime reason to know that she is the one for you.

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