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Top 5 Hindi Songs to Cheer You While facing Monsoon Blues

Anyone seeking respite from the hot summers finds the monsoon season exciting. Nourished by the rains, the brown parched nature turns green and lively atmosphere prevails. The plants and animals get drenched in rain and welcome the season in delight. There is a positive energy and people are happy with the cool breeze blowing in the hair. It is fascinating indeed.  
Monsoon Blues
But more often rains are like guests. We wait for the rain and when it arrives; it feels good in the beginning. As the rain continues, the feeling of freshness and the positive vibes wears off gradually. It gives way to irritation.
During the monsoon the trains and buses get late. Water-logging around the city makes it difficult to walk. The potholes make travelling by car or two-wheeler hard. Muddy water puddles, mosquitoes, and staying indoors are the other hassles one feels in the monsoon. This way we feel the monsoon blues and face it regularly, isn’t it? Yes, we do.
Old Hindi songs give us a good reason to love the monsoon no matter what.
Bollywood and Monsoon
Bollywood has a long history with the monsoon season. The pitter-patter of raindrops has been one of the exciting settings for old Hindi songs in Bollywood movies. There are many hit Hindi songs which poignantly captures the superstars dancing and singing in the rain. And you feel like going out and do the same.
Passion, romance, and poetry are the highlights of these Bollywood monsoon songs. The varying emotions expressed in the songs make it memorable and nostalgic. The digital music player of Saregama Carvaan contains a huge collection of vintage songs that can be enjoyed in the rainy season.
Rain, Songs and Romance
Rainy days are unpredictable. When the skies open up, it brings along many emotions with it. Some believe that there is a surge in romantic feelings. Monsoon is often regarded as the season of romance. People usually love listening to music together. Reflect on the past. Relax and enjoy each moment. It seems that time goes slow during the monsoon.
Some enjoy the lively mood it creates while others find it unpleasant. The clouds seem gloomy and yet strangely beautiful to different people. For all the mixture of emotions, there are romantic old Hindi songs which make monsoon easy to understand. You can definitely listen to these songs to cheer yourself up.
So, create your monsoon playlist with the Saregama Carvaan app. The digital audio player, Carvaan 2.0 lets you choose your favorites. Here are the top 5 monsoon songs that music lovers like to listen:-
Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein - Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar, Ajanabee, 1974
The rainy season, retro vibes and romance all come together magnificently in this old Hindi song. The quartet of Kishore Kumar & Late Mangeshkar as singers, composer R.D. Burman, and lyricist Anand Bakshi created a melody for ages.
Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si - Kishore Kumar, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, 1958
Old is indeed gold. Whenever it has rained since the year 1958, this song has been sung by the music lovers. The playful track beautifully portrays innocent romance in that black and white film.
Aaj Rapat Jaaye - Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle, Namak Halal, 1982
Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil sizzle in this memorable monsoon hit. The romance and passion hit the roof when the two celebrities dance together in the heavy rain and give us goosebumps.
Lagi Aaj Sawan Ki - Suresh Wadkar/Anupama Deshpande, Chandni, 1989
The rather untimely death of Sri Devi is still hard to digest. This monsoon, listening to this monsoon song reminds us of the legend. It’s an emotional and nostalgic melody that overwhelms us easily.
Rim Jhim Gire Sawan - Anupam Paul - Instrumental, Manzil, 1979
Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, both of them sing different versions of this song. But, it is the instrumental played by Anupam Paul which is very soothing in the monsoon season. Listen to it once, and you will surely play it on the loop.
Next time it rains, get a cup of hot coffee and looking out through the window, listen to these mesmerizing old Hindi songs with Carvaan 2.0.

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