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Storing And Caring For Antique Jewellery: 3 Ways

Gold and silver are two metals that are easily malleable and ductile. They are chemically stable by themselves and can be recycled and remodeled into many items. Gold, when remodeled into jewellery tend to retain its luster over a longer period of time and will not chip, corrode or flake. Silver, when it is highly polished is the best reflector of light and tend to retain its strength despite the possibility getting distorted. However, this does not mean that antique jewellery made of gold and silver are indestructible.
1.      Caring for gold – Most gold jewellery in its antique form can be cleaned with warm, soapy water which can be around any angular areas around the stones or the back of the item. If it is indented can be cleaned with an old, soft cloth or toothbrush that is dipped in a soapy solution. Gold jewellery can also be cleaned with a rough cloth but with a light rubbing which gives it a shine and is available in the market easily. However, jewellery made with high carat gold should not be cleaned with the same.

2.     Storing antique sliver – When putting away silver antique jewellery into storage, it is not really necessary to clean or even polish it cause after a prolonged storage silver jewellery need to be cleaned anyway.  Or store in nice box from store like fashion Plaza or ebay. However, do not use newspaper to wrap the silver or rubber bands to bind several items together. With the passing of time, the rubber will bond to the silver as the band deteriorates and rots, thus leaving a stain. You can instead choose an acid-free paper to wrap items and store where it’s not damp.

Silver jewellery that has been slightly tarnished will easily renew with a bright polish which can be achieved by simply rubbing or buffing with a soft cloth. For cleaning silver antique jewellery, a proprietary silver cleaning solution such as Goddadard’s Silver Dip will do the job.

3. Diamond and gemstones care and cleaning – The most important thing to be taken into account while cleaning antique diamond or gemstone jewellery is the potential of getting lost. Thus, always use a bowl of water to clean your items and not the sink. A soft cloth or an old soft toothbrush with a soapy solution will cleanse off dirt, grease and dead skin that gets accumulated in the gaps and indentations.

Apart from the care, cleaning and safety tips mentioned above, any type of pearl  jewellery needs to be stored in a lined jewellery box or a soft pouch, especially the ones provided when you purchased the item. Also, take care that you don’t store them together since they might get easily tangled together and scratched.

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