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Most colorful places in the world

They say that the Earth is the Blue Planet. But after visiting the most colorful places in the world we are no longer so sure.

Nantun (Taiwan)

Considered one of the saddest neighborhoods in the entire Asian continent after the massive arrival of numerous Chinese ex-combatants, Nantun, in the Taiwanese city of Taichung found years ago the best way to reinvent itself. After the initiative of an old man named Yung-Fu to color all the walls and streets of the area, the now known as Barrio Arco Iris has become not only one of the great claims of urban art tourism, but the best proof that a simple idea can change a certain place forever.

Meenakshi Temple (India)

In the city of Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, there is the clearest proof of why the Asian subcontinent encompasses some of the most colorful places in the world. Surrounded by different “gopuram” or threshold towers that contain numerous colored figures, this temple dedicated to the Goddess of Fortune houses huge mandalas, motifs and psychedelic columns inside.

Majorelle Garden (Morocco)

From the color of the dyes of the tanneries of Fez to the bazaars and souks of its main cities, Morocco is one of those countries that distill warmth and tones on all four sides. But if we have to keep the best example, that is the Majorelle garden, one of the great attractions of the city of Marrakech. Conceived by the French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1924, this cultural space gathers trees from all over the planet, vessels of multiple colors or a pavilion whose intense blue has made it one of the icons of Morocco.

Manarola (Italy)

The coastal portion known as Cinque Terre, in the Italian province of La Spezia, embraces the Ligurian Sea giving away some of the most beautiful prints in Europe. And it is specifically the town of Manarola, at the foot of the Apennine Mountains, the place that has become the most photographed of this dream coast thanks to its various colorful houses overlooking a delicious traditional port that invites you to get lost in streets full of boutiques, trattorias and gardens.

Trinidad (Cuba)

Designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco , Trinidad is a city located in southern Cuba whose sugar power activity gave way to a unique colonial jewel. More than 52 different colors cover the walls of a destination on whose cobbled streets the children play barefoot football, the horses hit the puddles with their helmets and the sauce sneaks through their terraces. Without a doubt, one of the most colorful places in the world.

Rainbow Mountain (Peru)

Although a possible mining exploitation of what is one of Peru's great natural heritages has been confirmed in recent months, we continue to rely on the endurance of the wonderful Rainbow Mountain, also known as Vinicunca. An elevation of more than 5,200 meters not far from the city of Cusco that invites to be visited in the month of August, a dry season in which its many colors contrast more than ever with the blue sky.

Which of these most colorful places in the world would you like to visit?

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