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Celebrating Your Marriage With A Unique Bachelorette Party

Every bride has a unique way of preparing and celebrating their wedding. Some of you might want to have a garden setting, while there are also those who would like to do it along the beach or pool. The same thing goes for a bachelorette party. There may be brides, who are against this event, while others would like to have one. In fact, they may be aware that there would be such event, but what’s surprising there is that, they have no idea about what kind of show she will be witnessing.

Preparing this,is actually simple and easy as long you have other friends to help you. Of course, do not forget that you have to book for the talents as soon as possible. To do this, you just need to go online and visit agency sites for male strippers. For example, you may jump to http://majestymalestrippers.com/, where you may inquire about how you can hire dancers. Keep in mind that the girls, who are really close to the bride will need to combine efforts and think about how you can make this bachelorette party unique.

Celebrations like this are supposed to be a night full of entertainment. For a few hours, set aside the problems and avoid negative issues that will spoil the occasion. Remember that there is nothing serious to happen during the celebration. You are all allowed to drink and act crazy. Aside from the male strippers, who are performing for the bride, think about ways on how you can make this event unique and meaningful to the celebrant. This night will just happen once in a lifetime. Therefore, make sure that this will be a successful one.


It would be fun to gather all the ladies for an escapade. You may choose a location that is very memorable for the celebrant. You may check-in a guest house, hotel or go to a campsite. This is where you are going to set up the event. Be reminded that you have to inform the agent of your talents about the location. Tell them the exact time and place to avoid delays and disappointments.
Now, how can you make this day fun? First, you may eat foods that you have never thought of eating. Second, if you are in a camp site, then it is time for a barbeque party. Lit the bonfire for your strip dancing, singing, truth or dare playing, drinking and storytelling.

Third, when you checked-in a guesthouse or hotel, you may ask the management, if it is allowed to invite a male dancer for the bachelorette party. It would be great to make this event private to avoid spoilers. And then, it would be nice to have a private pool, where the ladies can have more fun playing beach balls and enjoying a cocktail. 

Relaxing Spa

When the date of your wedding day is very close to the schedule of your bachelorette party, then it would be great to go out with the girls and go for a relaxing spa. Of course, this event will not simply end here. You will have to complete the itinerary for the day. Indeed, this is just an introduction to your organized event. By the way, this site will tell you more about pre-wedding beauty treatments.

After the spa activity, you can go out and watch movies together. However, if you prefer to have a movie marathon, then set this in a house and this is where the male dancers will show up. It would be great to prepare some wine for the surprise celebration. Let’s say that while you are watching, one friend will turn off the lights and this is the time when the talents have already arrived.

As these dancers come in, the music will start to play and someone will turn the spot lights on. Pretty sure that the place will be filled with laughs and yells. Therefore, close all the windows to avoid catching the attention of your neighbors.


How about a pajama party? For example, one of your friends asked everybody to sleep over. But before going to bed, you will surely have a lot of chitchats. It could have been better, if some beverages are prepared. You are all adults now and getting drunk is allowed.

Do you think your friends will let this night go without a male stripper, who will suddenly appear in the room? Your friends are not that boring because they have booked a talent and these guys are coming to perform a show that you are about to witness for the very first time.

How did you not know about this celebration? Of course, it was planned without you knowing about it. That is the surprise and the reason behind this sleep over cover. Do not expect that you girls will just laugh or throw pillows at each other and keep jumping on the bed. You should have expected for this already.


Another thing that would be very exciting is to rent a speedboat and cruise the whole day. Of course, you are going to spend some time with the circle of friends. Make sure that there are enough food and drinks for this activity. I supposed, you will not forget to take selfies for your social media, right? But this cruise is not just about posing, chatting, drinking and eating. Check out https://blog.travefy.com/2015/07/how-to-throw-a-tropical-themed-bachelorette-party/ for preparation tips.

You are going to have a lot of fun here. Do you know that your friends invited guests? These are the male dancers. Before you jumped into the speedboat, the talents are already in the cabin. They need to hide and will just show up when given a call to start the show. How about the guy, driving the boat? Of course, he knows about this because he was informed ahead of time.

After drinking some beer, the bride may not mind to act weird and crazy. This is the best time to let the strippers come out. The moment you stepped on the speedboat, there were already fun and excitement. But your friends spiced it more because of the surprise.

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