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Benefits Of Monoplan Operable Wall Systems That You Should Know

There are several technical terms for an operable wall system such as – movable walls, demountable walls, etc. Though the product was launched in the market just a few years ago, it has gained a lot of traction ever since.
The reasons behind the exponential popularity of operable walls are many when one is comparing them with dry or masonry walls. The most obvious one is the amount of freedom it gives to an individual when it comes to reconfiguring a space.

Why go for Monoplan movable wall systems?

Movable wall systems are the perfect example of technology, physics and functionality coming together. One of the most popular products is Monoplan movable wall systems. These operable walls don’t need a floor track to be installed on-site in order to better manage each wall panel of the system.
On top of that, each panel of the system is constructed and designed in a manner that they interlock with each other thus giving the appearance of a permanent wooden or masonry wall.
The best part about Monoplan movable wall system is its panels whose minimum width is more than 1200 millimetres. It should be kept in mind that there is no fixed size of panels since the same can be made to order. It gives you the freedom to configure your operable wall system from the manufacturing point itself.
Now, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the benefits of operable wall systems in the following sections now, shall we!?

Impressive protection against accidental fires

Monoplan movable wall systems are the perfect choice when you are looking for an operable wall system that can withstand accidental fires. Be it a fire of category 0 or category 1, each panel of this product can withstand fires for up to an hour before sustaining damage.

Impressive acoustic insulation

When you are choosing Monoplan movable wall system, you are on the winning end since each panel are designed to keep sound out that is within the range of 37 dB to 56 dB.
Each system goes through a series of rigorous acoustic tests conducted by independent technicians on request from the company. In case you are feeling that you would need to see the certificates for these tests, you can do that as well.

These systems are easy to operate

When it comes to adopting a new product, the following is the first thing that pops into your mind - “Well, will the darn thing be easy to operate!?” The answer is a big yes when we are taking Monoplan movable wall systems into consideration.
Each panel of the system can be effortlessly moved since they will be hanging from an overhead aluminium track. After retracting the operable seals, all you would need to do is to close each panel by using an operating handle (removable). This will act as a mechanism which activates the acoustic seal.
Apart from the benefits mentioned in the above sections, it is best to keep in mind that movable wall systems are offered to willing customers in a plethora of designs and finishes. Be it veneers, laminates of simply MFCs, there is a product for all your needs. Be sure to purchase handy accessories with your movable wall systems such as wall coverings, dry wipes and the likes for extending the life of your operable wall system.

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