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5 Trends in the Chinese Watch Market

According to Euro Monster International, China's total watch market sales reached 65.8 billion yuan (RMB) in 2016. The Chinese watch market is expected to reach 79.4 billion yuan by 2020. What is the news in the Chinese watch market, if you consider only luxury brands, you are missing a large part of the market growth. This article will provide you with information about some of the trends in Chinese consumer taste and watch market.

According to a survey of middle-class consumers in the mainland by HKTDC Research in 2016, the biggest reasons consumers wear watches are: "Bring your own taste and image" (50%), "Watches Do "(49%))," as a device "(48%) and" tell time "(40%). A significant number of respondents agreed that "wearing a watch will lead to maturity, stability and timeliness in others," or that "wearing a watch could provide a better picture of business opportunities." The taste is developed and the watches become more demanding in terms of design. For many Chinese consumers, watches are something more than a device, a value that expresses their uniqueness and status, which is in Chinese society, Chinese luxury consumers have already All the famous high-end brands have come together and as such, they are attracted to new brands with new fashion designs. Also, Chinese fashionistas have a tendency to look for watches that will express their uniqueness. High quality watches in China are considered by luxury consumers as a "luxury product" and watches manufactured exclusively in Switzerland are made of high quality products. Chinese consumers prefer to spend on expensive but standard products rather than cheap and poor quality products.

Different expectations among consumers.

Among male consumers, business watches were the highest (69%), followed by casual fashion watches (69%) and smart watches (55%). Female consumers owned the most (83%) of casual, casual fashion watches, followed by smart watches (55%) and business watches (51%). When buying watches, men generally belong to brands, while women are more concerned with style and design.

Smart Watches Market Growth

In recent years, smart watches and smart bracelets have stuck in development due to lack of innovation and uniformity. However, the growth rate of smart watches in China is still rising and demand is strong. With the awareness of sports and health care, Chinese people start spending more on sports. Smart Watch is one of their favorite tools. By the way, many manufacturers are currently looking to take advantage of health "Google Health Guide", which helps consumers record fitness conditions and fitness goals through Google Fit or other third-party applications. Can be determined. In the future, they will also increase investment in this area. In addition, users will pay more attention to tasks such as calls, mobile payments, and music playback. According to Jingdong Big Data, users of smart wearable devices are primarily white-collar workers and users of the campus, which white-collar users will prefer for smart watch products. When smart watches are combined with voice interactive features, it will release human vision and hands.

Want to market your product in China?

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