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What Distinguishes the Limited and Unlimited Internet?

Internet service providers all over the world are offering a vast range of unlimited Internet plans to their customers. This is a trend that has leveraged the business of internet service to a significant level, while the customers are appeased too with the promise made by this new terminology from the private internet service companies. But if we analyze it carefully, only a few learned customers are aware about what exactly has changed in the internet service plans, in the name of shifting from Limited to Unlimited.

But people who do not know how things are working at the technical level, would only be shocked to know, that even their unlimited internet plan has limits, crossing which they need to pay a fee extra, added to their usual bill amount. So, to avoid any such displeasing moments in the near future, it is always better to be in the knowhow of things, i.e., like what distinguishes the unlimited internet plans from the limited ones. To make it an easy read, here is a brief note on that.

What Makes the Limited and Unlimited Internet Plans Different?

Let’s start with the basic truth that it is only the range of data that makes the actual difference.Or, in other words, it is the data limit that differentiates the limited internet plan from the unlimited ones. Here’s how:

Limited Internet Plans

If you are a regular internet user, then it is most likely that you don’t get to hear the phrase “limited Internet package” much. This is because limited internet package is a matter of past. Even a few years back, getting a 120GB package was a great deal. Even the most reputed internet service providers didn’t have the technology to provide a data package much above that. Things used to get literally limited when it came to individual users. They had to pay a huge amount to access that much data, whereas business organizations could afford more. That was the time of feeling limited, and hence, the term was given “limited internet plans”. But to sum up we can say, in the time of Limited Internet Plans, the deciding factor was the price per data consumption.

Unlimited Internet Plans

In unlimited plan the deciding factor is the period of time. As we all have been coming across the unlimited internet plans that offer certain amount of data like 1GB per day for one month or 180 days and so on.

So if you are subscribed to any unlimited internet plan, what comes within the term “unlimited” is the amount of data that won’t have any limitation per usage but will not be extended beyond the limit of time and data amount it has promised. For example, if you have already used 1GB data within 24 hours, you have to pay for the extra amount of data, till the next 1GB data gets released for you for the next day. Same will be the case with the monthly package.

Now that you know the difference between the limited and unlimited internet plans, we hope you would use your data judiciously to stay within the limits of the “unlimited”.

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