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Ways to organize your frame wall

A frame wall is an important part of your home and is perhaps like a must have for every house. It is this place where you get to keep all your prized possessions, photographs, pictures and paintings etc. It is not only a home décor statement but it is also gives us a story to tell and about things that are precious to us.

So, here are some methods by which you can organize or decorate your frame wall.

1.      Grid- Making a simple grid is a very simple way of filling your walls. You can create a good focal point. The alignment of paintings for living room should be symmetrical. A single frame can be centred over other furniture. If there is no furniture then you can place the frames on after the other from left to right or top to bottom. Leave some gap between each frame and the gap should be of equal size. You can even do a mixed grid pattern where you have to use two frames of the same size that can be aligned either horizontally or vertically. Here, you have to leave a gap of about five inches between each frame.

2.      Vertical arrangement- This is the most suitable arrangement of frames if you have a small space and here you will be able to mix various sizes and shapes of wall painting designs for living room. What you can do is, you can place the frames within two-third of the breadth of the furniture and a gap of at least four inches is a must to avoid an unbiased look.

3.      Horizontal arrangement- This type of arrangement gives a graphic and artistic statement to your walls. You can choose frames of the same colour or frames having a patterned look.

4.      Frames in the staircase- This classic and perhaps one of the most favourite of all times are the arrangement of frames along the staircase. It really gives a stylish and elegant look to your living room. It draws all the eyes up there and takes out the best from your wall. While you are setting up your staircase with frames keep some gaps between each step so as to enable you to clean them. You can also hang a single big piece of frame in the centre wall of the staircase.

5.      The eclectic style- This one also makes a creative and charming look. All you need to do is mix frames of various size and styles that will work well in any spaces be it big or small. When you are trying blend in frames of variable size then perhaps choosing frames of the same colour or by the same artist or similar type of artwork will be good in case you want to give your walls more consistent look. You can also arrange the frames horizontally or vertically along the staircase. This way the frames will look purposeful and not messy.

So, keep all these in mind to give your home an attractive vibe.

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