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CT Scan Services in Ghatkopar

The CT scanning technology has evolved over the past decades to offer highly precise multi-dimensional images of the body to help the physician to diagnose and treat serious conditions with a high accuracy level and speed like never seen before. Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) also known as Computed Tomography (CT) scan.  Computed means that a high-end advanced software is used to analyze the X-ray images produced by the CT scan machine. This software allow radiologists or technologist to take slices, or images, generated and view it zoom in and out, straight on, rotate it front and back on a detail that’s prettyoutstanding.

Axial refers to an anatomical plane of the body, with cross-sections of the head to toe. In a CT scan, multi-dimensional images are generated through the technique called Tomography. It displays cross-section images using X-rays through a human body or a solid object. As a result, you will get multiple and detailed images of the human body in a few seconds. Sometimes, a contrast dye or material used during the scan to get certain images or structures clearly. Solutions containing contrast materials, such as barium or iodine are introduced to the body either injected directly, orally or rectally into the bloodstream, depending on the target tissue. 

The contrast materials in the solution work temporarily by altering how X-rays interact with target tissues, which makes those tissues seem different in the resultingimages.If the target is a blood vessel, a contrast material is injected into the veins. If a 3-D image of the abdomen is required, the patient may need to drink a barium meal. As the barium travels through the digestive system, it appears white during the scan. If images lower of the body are required, known as rectum, the patient may require to givea barium enema. 

After the scan, the patient asked to drink lots of fluids to remove the contrast material from their body. CT scans are usually painless and the procedure typically takes 10 to 40 minutes. The CT images are stored as electronic data files and reviewed on a screen. A radiologist will interpret these images and the detailed report will be sent to the doctor.

The CT scan images help the physician to diagnose cancer, tumors, muscular diseases, bone fractures, and other abnormalities. CT scans are essential and emergency tools that allow the doctor to determine the severity of the internal injuries, internal bleeding and many more. The speed and accuracy of the CT scans may be improvised by using the Spiral CT application, a new advanced technology. During the scanning,the beam takes a spiral path and it gathers continuous data without gaps between images.

While the cost for CT scan differs depending on the type of test you are going to take or the center or clinic you opt for, yet there are chances to get the lowest cost CT scan in Maharashtra. Search for the best price for CT scan in Nivaran CT scan Ghatkopar and Star CT scan Kalyan.

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