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The best easy recharge apps to use

What are the attributes of the best recharge apps? Let’s find out.

Apps are the most important elements on your smartphone. Many come pre-loaded with the handset, while you install others that you need. The most common apps pertain to social media, scheduling and calendar, photo and video editing, banking and recharge apps.

Of these, you use easy recharge apps just about once a month, if that, to recharge your phone or pay bills or effect another kind of transaction. You may already use a recharge app, or you may prefer to recharge your phone via the service provider’s website.

If you are looking to install a good recharge app, choose an app that is –
  • Easy to install and set up. The first thing you do as a smartphone user is to install the apps that are important to you. One of these will be the easy recharge app for your prepaid phone connection. The app you use must be easy to install and set up on your phone (the top 5 listed apps on Google Play Store or Apple Store are normally recommended) asking the bare minimum details such as location, mobile number and linkage to your card or preferred payment channel. In just a few steps, you should be able to set up the app on your phone and start using it.
  • Seamless connectivity between the provider’s website and the app. This is an important consideration, since you might sometimes prefer to complete the recharge using your work computer and use the smartphone app at other times. There must be a seamless interface between the website and the app from the same mobile service provider, so that payment history, current pack details and balance are updated simultaneously on both. Obviously, you cannot expect the same from the provider’s website and a third-party recharge app.
  • Ensures complete security for the user. There are umpteen reports of people being duped of their hard-earned money when scammers steal from their bank accounts. The question of online security for those who bank or transact online regularly is a pressing one for all payment channels. Take care to use only those easy recharge apps that have a reputed security billing; apps with two-factor authentication, or UPI apps that work only with the user’s unique 4-digit M-PIN are good ones to trust.
  • Offers multiple payment options. Recharge apps debit the payment from your bank account via net banking, mobile wallets, debit/credit cards, UPI apps, etc. This gives you ample choice to transact via the payment method that you are most comfortable with, instead of offering just one or two options to pay.

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