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7 Skills to Help You Get Noticed by Hiring Companies in 2019

Looking for a leg up to stand out in the job market for a lucrative opportunity this year? While your formal education, academic credentials, and professional experience do make a difference in how you are perceived by employers, you need additional employability skills if you instantly want to get noticed by hiring companies this year. From attaining problem-solving smarts to working around data analytics, to leadership and communication skills, there are various skills to give you the edge in the job market.

When it comes to employment, nothing is permanent. Naturally, the skills that the employers were after in the previous years may be completely irrelevant now. Organizations evolve and keep their job descriptions up to date from year to year to stay ahead in the competition - the never-ending curve.
The workplace and its requirement move at a rapid pace. To keep up, employers are more interested in hiring a workforce that stays current.

For individuals who wish to stay employed or find a great new opportunity in the job market, additional efforts are required. You must consistently work on improving your skills and develop new ones. Gaining additional certifications is a great plus too. If you have been in the IT industry, updatingto a more well-known certification can be a great career move at this point. Similarly, for professionals responsible for cloud computing, officially obtaining trainingbefore you seek a better opportunity can be a great plus.

The key is to make your move wisely and be aware of what the hiring companies are looking for in 2019. We have compiled a list of top seven skills to help you get started.

1.      Social Media Awareness

Between Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the like, social media has completely revolutionized the way organizations do business. These platforms have become an integral part of business operations - mainly marketing and sales. And thus, it is crucial to not only have awareness about them but also understand the different features and tools to be able to utilize these platforms for effective business.

With this switch towards social media reliance, organizations are looking for individuals who do not only match the specific job description but are also social media literate. In fact, social media literacy is regarded as one of the most imperative job skills that hiring companies require from new employees these days. Job seekers who have gained recognition with a robust online presence using content and social media marketing naturally have the upper hand over individuals with limited knowledge and experience with social marketing.

If you haven't used these social media platforms other than your personal usage, now is the time to obtain better career options by simply indicatingcompetency with social media.

2.      Problem Solving Approach

In addition to experience and academic credentials, hiring companies also tend to regard certain soft skills. 'Problem Solving' skill is the most significant on the list. The ability to have that approach can be highly beneficial in various parts of job skills.

When in a workplace, challenges and problems are inevitable. Employers observe your take on these situations and demand to see that you troubleshoot and resolve the issues independently. If you are in IT industry and you task is to work on networking with windows server 2016 then you should be able to not only do this but also know how to work on installation storage and compute with windows server 2016 as well.

To prove your problem-solving skills during the interview, mention any past experiencewhere you discovered the problem, developed the solution and helped your previous workplace benefit from it.

3.      Data Analytics

Thanks to information technology, we are living in a highly data-driven world. However, all that data and numbers can be useless unless they are successfully interpreted by a human. Data analytics is crucial to business success. As a result, more organizations are looking for reliable candidates who can utilize, understand, and implement data.

Analyzing the data is an important skill in 2019. To be able to read and utilize data can help you land ona  greatjob opportunity. The best way to polish this skill is to gain some experience in computational thinking and data analytics - such as machine learning, coding, or programming.
Also, you should not be necessarily associated with the IT field to know about data and its usage. It is a common skill that can effectively be used in different industries.

4.      Creativity

Regardless of your area of interest, creativity is one of the most functional skills that collaborates with every business model these days. Understanding the worth of creativity and the magic it can do, employers are now looking for a creative, free-thinking force to approach and solve problems in an innovative, unique way.

This is a highly demanded skill that can get you noticed mainly because it involves people who can come up with fresh ideas for services, products, and marketing.

5.      Resilience

Resilience is all about accepting the complexity of life and its changing colors. It involves trial and error, which is an inevitable part of every industry. Indeed, you can only find innovation through experimenting.
If you are tough in rough situations, employers regard that really high. No wonder, it is such a coveted soft skill that can work wonders for you in the competitive job market.

6.      Willingness to Learn

Instead of following the traditional approaches blindly, willingness to learn is a great skill that demonstrates great potential in you to become an asset to the organization. It clearly shows your enthusiasm for learning new things and implementing new ideas for better outcomes.
Instead of showing resistance, you show interest when your manager or team lead teaches you something new. Hiring companies count it as a great capability.

7.      Self Management

Working on your self-management can give you the limelight you are looking for in the job market. It isn't hard to observe people who are well-managed and composed. The control you have on you can be sensed and open doors to great employment opportunities as a result.

Your willingness to work, contribute and thrive definitely makes you stand out in the crowd.

Final Word

So make a list of the employability skills you still need to work on and prepare yourself before you hit the market to find a job you deserve!

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