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Top 5 Reasons Why Jute Rugs Are Best For Your Homes

There has been an unprecedented rise in the usage of natural rugs in the past few years. More and more people are now opting for the renewable and eco-friendly options when it comes to the floor décor. As per the forecast by interior specialists, the trend is on the upsurge and is slated to continue in the year 2019 as well. Going by the current scenario, the day is not far when all the synthetic options will be replaced by sustainable natural fibres.

As a consumer, there is a plethora of options for you to select from. Starting from sisal, wool, silk to cotton, seagrass and hemp, the market is abuzz with different variants. However, clearly, the chart-topper is none other than the versatile Jute carpet.

Let us have a quick look at the list of unique advantages that so conveniently places jute amongst the topmost choice.

      Rugged Look Is The New Mod: It would be a shame if we miss out to highlight the earthly rustic rugged looks of the jute rugs, which takes the elegance onto an altogether next level.

Despite being a little rusty around the edges, it still manages to look extremely classy. The golden lustrous look of the jute strands is another highlight that you cannot ignore. Though there is an option to get the jute fabric dyed, yet, somehow the earthly and polished looks best in hues of browns and beiges.

      Durability: Jute is reasonably good in strength and durability too. With the major constituents being lignin and cellulose, the resilience of the fibre automatically increases.

When constructed in combination with another natural fibre, it further augments the robustness.

     Eco-Friendly: If there is one natural fibre, which is totally biodegradable and can be recycled multiple times, it is jute!

When this fibre finally breaks down, it even provides many nutrients to the soil. What’s more? The fibre is even CO2 neutral.

As a matter of fact, jute is known to absorb 3 times carbon dioxide in comparison to the different trees- another solid reason to invest in jute carpets for the home décor.

      Flexible Usage: Jute fibre is extremely versatile, which makes it the favourite floor covering choice for different types of residential and commercial establishments.

No wonder, from Hamptons, French set-ups to the coastal locales and high end the offices, you’ll find jute rugs everywhere, beautifully adorning the floors and increasing the aesthetics of the interiors!  

     Easy To Maintain: Jute carpet works the best for the family homes. In low traffic zones, once a week vacuuming is enough to take care of the cleaning needs and keep it squeaky clean for many years to come.           

Jute is also a bad conductor of heat and is anti-static, which makes it less susceptible to catching fire; another big reason to consider the material as an ideal floor covering option.

Apart from so many positives, there is one small caution that you need to undertake and i.e. keeping your favourite jute rug away from any sort of moisture because of it’s high absorbing nature.    

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