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Quick Tips To Know Before The Bridal Airbrush Tan

Suntans add an extra flair to the overall look of a person, making them highly coveted in society today. A lot of people vacation just to get tans for those reasons. If someone wants a suntan for their wedding, however, a traditional tan might be impractical. Instead, the bridal airbrush tan is a great way to get a sun-kissed look without the risk of sunburns before the big day.

Who needs a bridal airbrush tan? When should the bridal airbrush tan get applied?

The bridal airbrush tan is a subtle addition to the overall look of the bride, and ultimately should not be too overpowering. According to many bridal experts, the bridal airbrush tan should enhance the skin tone of the bride, providing contrast against the color of the dress. For example, brides with paler skin tones may benefit from getting a bridal airbrush tan to help improve the contrast of their dress against the skin tone. The result enhances the final look of the bride on their wedding day. Another example is taking photos since lighting from the camera and the venue might impact how the bride and even her wedding party look in photos. Having a bridal airbrush tan done before taking photos makes a big difference in the end, improving the contrast of skin tones in the photographs and preventing the bride and others from looking washed out.

It is recommended for the bride and other members of the wedding party to get a bridal airbrush tan up to two days before the wedding day. It is also okay to shower about a day after getting the tanning solution applied, as this helps wash away extra tanning solution and leaves behind the already tanned skin.

The bride should also ensure they visit an experienced bridal airbrush tan artist who knows how to apply spray tan in effective ways. In addition, the bride should make sure their tanning professional use clear spray tan solution and not any solution that includes additional bronzer. Tanning solution with additional bronzer tends to rub off onto clothing, making it unsuitable for any member of the wedding party.

When should the bridal airbrush be scheduled? What about makeup matching?

As mentioned, best bridal makeup artist in hyderabad and their wedding party should get their tans applied at least two days before the wedding. This is considered enough time for the tanning solution to integrate with the top layer of the skin and for the extra solution to be washed away. For example, some wedding parties might want to book bridal airbrush tan sessions in the middle of the week if the wedding is scheduled to happen during the weekend. It is also enough time for the bride and wedding party to figure out what to do about their makeup. Generally, many bridal makeup experts suggest matching makeup to a newly tanned skin tone. Foundation, concealer, and any other makeup that relies on skin tone matching need to match to the tanned skin and not the original skin tone of the bridal party member.

Should the bride and bridal party get a trial bridal airbrush tan weeks before the wedding? Yes, many wedding experts suggest this. A trial run for a bridal airbrush tan helps brides-to-be figure out exactly how they want their tans to look before the wedding. Trial runs for airbrush tanning also help brides learn what makeup shades they need to match to their tans before the big day happens.

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