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5 tips for tidying your child’s bedroom

If you have a separate bedroom for your kids then chances are, it is a junkyard for all sorts of things such as toys, electronic devices, clothes and sports goods.

Cleaning the place can be a time consuming and thankless task that requires a lot of stamina and perseverance. If your child’s bedroom is the messiest room in the house, here are five tips that can help you in making the place worth living in again.

Grab the necessary supplies

Get together all the bits and pieces you need to clean a room. It is a good habit to bring all the things in one go as you will save a lot of time. Otherwise, you may have to come and go several times just to fetch each small item you forgot.

Place all of them outside the door instead of taking them inside so that they are easy to grab when required. Useful equipment and supplies might include:

                At least three plastic boxes for collecting things
                Cleaning cloths
                Polish for furniture such as beds, chairs and tables
                Vacuum cleaner or a mop
                Cleaner or a shiner for the dressing mirror and windows
                Clean bedsheets and pillow covers
                Air freshener


Usually, when you enter a child's bedroom you can see toys and dirty clothes spread everywhere. The first step, therefore, is to declutter the place. Get yourself a few plastic boxes and start collecting the clothes.

Put all of them in the boxes but don’t stop and look if they are clean or dirty because for now, the job is to collect them. Some people also get busy folding clothes and unfolding socks which can take a lot of time.
Once you have gathered all the clothes then start with the toys. Do check under the bed and table as you'll be amazed at what collects here. Next comes the rubbish. Once you are done with collecting the main things look for the rubbish hidden in places such as corners, drawers and under the bed. Dispose of the remaining rubbish to make sure the area looks neat and clear.

Start Cleaning

Once the decluttering is complete you can easily dust the room. Make the cloth a little wet and start cleaning the shelves or places that are higher so that the dust will fall onto the floor. Move onto the door, windows and all the other furniture such as table, chair, bed, desk, nightstand etc.

If you feel like the furniture requires polishing or the dressing mirror needs cleaning then start with it next as they take time to dry. Once all of this is done, use the vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt from the floor and carpets. If there are no carpets or the floor requires further cleaning, mop it then.

Change the bedsheets

It is important to change the bedsheets and pillowcases at the end. Some people prefer changing it in the beginning but that’s not a good idea as you may have to place certain things on the bed, and the dirt from elsewhere can make the sheets untidy quickly.

Spread the sheet evenly over the bed and fluff the pillows. Once all of this is done you can spray air freshener around the room to give that one final touch. The bedroom is now as clean as it can be, you can stand back and admire your hard work.

Get your kids engaged

Last but not least; there’s only so many times you can clean your child’s room. Eventually, they have to show some responsibility and learn how to do it themselves. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to make them help you in cleaning their bedroom and give them some incentive in return.

Ask them to collect the stuff from the floor, clean certain areas and help with dusting places such as the shelves and window ledges.

This is good practice for them and they will participate happily knowing they will be rewarded. Without knowing, they will learn how to do the cleaning. Eventually, give them a checklist of things they need to take care of and chores to do when they have to clean their own room.

Who amongst us didn't have a dirty room as a child and didn't leave it for our parents to clean up? Nothing has changed now, but with proper planning and involving kids in the process, you can ensure the task is completed efficiently and they become a little more self-sufficient when it comes to keeping the place tidy.

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