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ERA advertising is my first job after college

This agency has many quick learning opportunities. The work is interesting and challenging, so every day is different. You acquire a strong set of (digital) marketer skills. Employees have a lot of responsibility from the start and can take on more if they show their abilities. Great perks like lunch, massage, etc. But there are also classic downsides to this job. The controls are seriously inexperienced.

 Those who successfully tackle technical challenges and/or who came to the company earlier are promoted to leadership positions without training in any necessary skills. This leads to new college graduates with no previous work experience trying to manage their peers. In addition, the level of responsibility may be too high for new hires who have never worked in the field before, given the fact that they manage customer spending in real-time. Also, a very negative attitude from the management.

 To be successful, you need to be aggressive and overconfident (even when it comes to a subject that you have never experienced before). The leadership seems to be enjoying a lot of favoritism. There is a serious imbalance between work and personal life. Despite management's acknowledgment of this fact, change is slow and relatively ineffective. A large number of layoffs make work unsafe and make work at work unpleasant. In general, a very stressful work environment in which employees do not feel appreciated/respected by management. Despite the presence of allowances, salaries are insufficient to compensate for the workload of most employees. I learned a lot, but seriously, I lost my personal life and free time.

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